Monday, 16 July 2012

SONG FOR TODAY: Terrapin - Playing With Traffic (Live Demo)

A wonderful outfit from the countryside town of Melksham, Wiltshire. Terrapin formed from the ashes of a group called Thermal Error, adding Hell Death Fury bassist Reno and vocalist Audrey Tietz. An official EP or album are yet to surface, although Dom Bailey from the band (and also top-quality producer at Nine Volt Leap studios) told me a while ago that the plan was to start recording their debut release soon. 

Another version of his delicately beautiful track can be found on their Soundcloud page along with 12 other fine tracks, some of which sound rather diverse and inventive indeed. Let the sublime guitar melodies and the haunting vocals of this song whisk you away to a musical paradise...

Terrapin are playing at The Pilot in Melksham this Wednesday night (July 18th 2012). To read a live review of one of the band's performances a few months ago go HERE.

Terrapin haven't got any of their stuff up on Spotify yet, so sadly they can't be added to the huge 'Song For Today 2012' playlist, which you can listen to HERE.

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