Friday, 27 July 2012

SONG FOR TODAY: Grasscut - Pieces

Today's SONG FOR TODAY is a track taken from Grasscut's rather good new album 'Unearth'. A collection of songs that take lyrical and musical journeys to various parts of the UK, there are some wonderful moments to discover. 'Pieces' was recently released as a single, and is available to download now from HERE“In 2010, we did a gig in a metal container on the fringes of the Olympic site,” explains Andrew Phillips, the composer, musician and chief driving force behind Grasscut. “This song is about the area being remixed, re-skinned, and repackaged, as well as about reinventing ourselves.” Epic and intimate, Pieces bashes hyperactive percussion up against r&b, folk and psychedelia to make something glossily modernistic yet strangely rooted, Phillips’ ear for melody at the very forefront of the tune.

The package is rounded out by the “M25” version of "Lights.” The album’s version of the tune is inspired by Margate’s mysterious shell grotto. This take is inspired, perhaps unsurprisingly, by the journey it took to get there. With Grasscut you’re always heading somewhere and the journey is never boring."

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