Friday, 6 July 2012

LISTEN TO: The Song For Today 2012 Playlist - SPOTIFY

Every track featured as 'Song For Today' on the site is automatically added to this 'Song For Today 2012' playlist which is updated daily. Where tracks are not available on Spotify, an alternative will be used in its place... 

Song For Today began back in March 2011 as an ongoing daily feature and remains an important part of this blog. Originally it was inspired by my friend and fellow DJ Jason B and his Facebook profile picture series where he would change his profile picture often, each one featuring him holding a different record from his collection. Liking the simple concept of this I thought of doing a similar thing on the blog, featuring a different music video every day. 

Soon it became more than that as I decided that I would feature as many different bands and artists as possible, aiming to introduce people to a wide range of stuff they often wouldn't find in the same place. 

So far 'Song For Today' has not featured the same band or artist twice, and this is something I aim to continue doing to ensure as much stuff is covered as possible, while also making sure the quality level of the music is consistently high...

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