Wednesday, 4 July 2012

LISTEN: Deaf Club - Moving Still / Lights (single)

Sometimes, a great record label can reinstate a lot of faith in new music with a range of top quality releases, and the Too Pure Singles Club is no exception. Releasing a two track 7" single each month, the label has so far this year issued some wonderful sounds from a wide range of bands and artists, and the latest installment is perhaps the finest yet. 

The London-based five piece Deaf Club were originally from Wales, but their move to the big city has seen their potential rise and rise, gaining new fans with every release and demonstrating their excellence to audiences at various venues. July sees the band issue the gorgeous 'Moving Still' as a single, backed with flipside 'Lights'.

The smoky mystique of the A side balances transcendental calm with brooding atmospherics, Enticingly dreamy guitars create a misty shoegaze ambience under singer Polly Mackey's sweetly seductive vocal, which truly soars on the track's mysteriously beautiful chorus. Every note and beat flows magnificently as more irresistible notes ring out, coated in blissful reverb. B side 'Lights' is equally superb, the ghostly guitars, yearning melodies and forlorn vocals matched with excellent drum work, slipping into a disco rhythm during the chorus and adding tasty crashes towards the end.

One of the standout releases of recent months, this wonderful single confirms that Deaf Club deserve the attention of many listeners and are capable of creating further gems.


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