Friday, 20 July 2012

PREVIEW: NOFX - Self Entitled

NOFX have revealed that their new studio album will be titled 'Self Entitled' and that it will be released in September. REVIEW: NOFX - Self Entitled - LISTEN

The album, which is the 12th studio record of the punk band's career, will be released on September 11 in the US and September 10 in the UK. It contains a total of 12 tracks. Scroll further down this page to hear new tracks 'Ronnie And Mags', 'I Believe In Goddess' and 'She Didn't Lose Her Baby'.

'Self Entitled' will be preceded by a single titled 'Ronnie and Mags' on August 14 and will be released on the band's frontman Michael 'Fat Mike' Burkett's 'Fat Wreck Chords' record label. The track 'I've Got One Jealous Again, Again' refers to the band's 2003 track 'We Got Two Jealous Agains', which is about a couple who meet and realise they like a lot of the same records, resulting in the pair ending up with two copies of each one. It has been suggested that the song is about Fat Mike's ex-wife Erika, who he divorced in 2010 after 18 years of marriage.

It is the band's first full-length effort since their 2009 album 'Coaster' and has been produced by Hot Water Music/Rise Against knob twiddler Bill Stevenson.

The tracklisting for 'Self Entitled' is as follows:

'72 Hookers'
'I Believe in Goddess'
'Ronnie and Mags'
'She Didn’t Lose Her Baby'
'Secret Society'
'I, Fatty'
'Cell Out'
'Down With The Ship'
'My Sycophant Others'
'This Machine Is 4'
'I've Got One Jealous Again, Again'
'Xmas Has Been X’ed'

"After more than a quarter century as a band, not only are NOFX not slowing things down, but they’re actually getting more aggressive. It’s like they’ve got some sort of Benjamin Button shit going on. Self Entitled is NOFX’s 12th (!!!) studio full-length, yet it feels as potent as any material they’ve ever released. Rather than drifting off into a land of forgettable and mindless rehashes of their older material like many other veteran acts, NOFX approached Self Entitled with a reinvigorated virility. The 12 tracks fully embrace the hostile early LA punk sound while maintaining just the right amount of that trademark technical and melodic sound that NOFX is renowned for. As with all NOFX albums, the subject matter on Self Entitled is diverse (politics, religion, s&m, etc.), but there is a more cohesive mood this time around. The majority of the songs display a more personal perspective from Fat Mike, which lends a more intimate feeling to the album overall. There is little question about what has separated NOFX as an enduring force in independent music, and more specifically, as an institution in the punk scene for so long. Their hallmark sound and style matched with their ability to keep things fresh is unparalleled among their peers. Self Entitled is a testament to these qualities and is yet another credit to their legacy."

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