Monday, 23 July 2012

LISTEN TO: The Chemical Brothers - Theme For Velodrome

The Chemical Brothers have composed an official song for the London 2012 track cycling events, titled 'Theme For Velodrome'. Tom Rowlands of the group is a keen cyclist, and his partner Ed Simons said the duo wanted to create a piece of music that would reflect "the sense of speed, pace and drama", of the sport as well as the "incredible beauty" of the new Velodrome in the Olympic park in east London. The group's new song will provide the soundtrack to six days of competitive track cycling at the games, when 10 Olympic gold medals will be won.

Rowlands said: "I have loved cycling since I was a boy. I have always made a connection between electronic music and cycling repetition, the freedom and sense of movement. Kraftwerk obviously cemented this connection with their Tour de France track. For us to create the theme for the Velodrome is a great honour and we're really excited to hear it in situ."

'Theme for Velodrome' received its first play on Zane Lowe's Radio 1 show on Monday night. Simons revealed that the band have not been given tickets for the Olympics, saying: "We did ask but no one's come through yet. At the moment neither of us has any …"


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