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LISTEN TO: Ginger Wildheart - 100%

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Best known through his work with The Wildhearts, Ginger Wildheart has spent the last twenty years writing and recording some of Britain's best rock music and building a fanatical following. His new album '100%' is currently at number 5 in the midweek album charts having been released yesterday (June 25th 2012). Listen to the album in full below, via Spotify...

In mid 2011, Ginger Wildheart approached various labels with a typically ambitious triple album project. Unable to gain any interest from labels or distributers to fund the album, Ginger Wildheart turned to Direct to Fan platform PledgeMusic, which allowed him to work directly with fans to create the album, bypassing the traditional methods of recording and releasing music. 

The target that was set was beaten in six hours, and doubled in 24 hours. Six months later and Ginger Wildheart has completed 30 songs, and the total stands at over 560%! This has been the biggest direct to fan/fan funded album release through any of the DTF platforms (Kickstarter, PledgeMusic, Indiegogo etc..) in the WORLD. EVER. The campaign has raised over $260,000 before the campaign was closed.

Ginger Wildheart made a direct connection with his fanbase and has proved, in this time of doom and gloom in the music industry, that there is an attractive alternative to making records that doesn't involve the label system of borrowing money, getting in debt and struggling to recoup. This process allows bands to engage with their fans. It also allows fans to getting excited about (and feel involved in) an artists new record.

The PledgeMusic triple album – aptly tilted 555% - was played to Pledgers in three weekly instalments during March 2012. The Twitter listening parties took place at 5.55pm every Friday and each week the tag #Ginger555 became the highest trending topic on Twitter in the UK. The Pledgers then voted on their favourite tracks and from those votes the twelve tracks that make up '100%' were chosen.

The tracklisting for '100%' is as follows:

1. Forget About It
2. Internal Radio
3. Lover It'll All Work Out
4. You're The One, You're The One, Yeah, I Know You're The One, You're The One (Yeah, I Know You're The One)
5. It Appears That The Party Is Over
6. Taste Aversion
7. Another Spinning Fucking Rainbow
8. Just Another Song About Someone
9. Westward Ho! (A New Reputation)
10. Beautifully, Blissfully Unsettled
11. We've Been Expecting You
12 Time

The album features artwork by the legendary Terry Pastor (Hunky Dory, Ziggy Stardust).

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