Thursday, 21 June 2012

PREVIEW: Blur to release new single on July 2nd

Blur are releasing at least one brand new track, possibly two. The not-so-secret new song 'Under The Westway' is finally about to be issued as a single, and even more brilliantly it looks like it will come backed with another brand new song. 


LISTEN TO: Blur - Under The Westway

LISTEN TO: Blur - The Puritan )

A few days ago Blur's management company Eleven Mgmt posted on their Twitter page: "There will be a lot of teasing going on today for Blur fans - there is something cookin!"

Then Blur's Twitter page was updated with this tweet: "#Blur #ThePuritan @blurofficial / 7.15pm / 2nd July". This was then followed by another tweet saying "Be here Monday 2nd July. 7:15pm BST"

Photo: #Blur #ThePuritan @blurofficial / 7.15pm / 2nd July'The Puritan' is the name of a new song Damon previewed at a solo performance of 'Dr Dee' a few days ago. You can hear this live version by scrolling down to the bottom of this page, as well as a live version of 'Under The Westway'.

On Wednesday (June 20th) the Twitter page also announced: "#blur #underthewestway @blurofficial / 7.15pm (BST) / 2nd July". This also included a link to the cover art for 'Under The Westway', which can be seen above.

The Blur Facebook page updated its cover photo to a photo featuring some lyrics from'The Puritan' - "The Flash of the blade is one less of getting paid" was the words on the neon-lighted cover of the band's page.

The excellent Blur fansite BlurBalls ( "Coincidentally, the Zane Lowe BBC Radio show also begins at 7:15pm - could this song be debuted on national radio when it's set for release? Zane Lowe has always had the first play on Blur and Damon Albarn's new material (think Gorillaz, the 2008-2009 tracks and more) and this definitely could be the reason for the unusual, specific time."

On 'The Puritan' the site says: "It definitely sounds like the old Blur, with traces of tunes from 'Modern Life is Rubbish' and the Britpop-era tracks.

Let the countdown begin!"

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