Friday, 1 June 2012

SITE NEWS: 01/06/2012

So now we enter June, and an exciting month lies ahead. May was a rollercoaster of emotions for me for many reasons. I finished my job at an awful company where I had been suffering for two years and began part time work at a local pub. Then my beloved Nan became ill and sadly passed away soon after, a very sad time indeed. But as well as the bad times there were overwhelmingly great moments too. Chelsea won the FA Cup, and even more amazingly became the Champions of Europe. Plus I managed to book tickets for Blur's upcoming tour in August, and am now looking forward to seeing Damon, Graham, Dave and Alex after having to wait 18 YEARS. 

So lots of stuff for me to deal with in my life, and it has left little time to work on the blog. Hence why I still have to post reviews for albums from The Cribs, Garbage, Damon Albarn, Richard Hawley, Jack White, Mystery Jets, The Dandy Warhols, Dr John and more. these will all appear on this blog in due course.

A few months ago this website celebrated reaching 100,000 page views. Just over two months later and the stats now total over 156,000. So not that long to go until we celebrate the 250,000 milestone. Since February this year the numbers of visitors has been increasing every month, and after April's all-time best 24,000 page views, the total for May was over 29,000 views and just a few hundred away from 30,000.

As always I'd like to thank all of my readers as well as the excellent bands who I have featured, and the artists and musicians who have lent their support to this site. 

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