Tuesday, 12 June 2012

12 OF THE BEST: Cast

It was during the wonderful year of 1995 that I discovered Cast. Like many of the great guitar bands of the mid 90's, Cast's videos received a lot of plays on 'The ITV Chart Show', and it was there where I first heard the excellent 'Sandstorm'. There was something dark and exciting about the song, and it appealed to me so much I bought a cassette copy of the single from HMV in Bath. Later that year I rented out a CD copy of 'All Change' from the local library and taped it onto a blank cassette, as I did with many albums at the time. In 1996 the non-album single 'Flying' was released, capturing the moment wonderfully and providing the group with their biggest chart success to date. Still one of my favourite hits of the Britpop era. 

When the band released the second album 'Mother Nature Calls' in 1997, I bought CD copies of all the four singles lifted from it but oddly took a few years to eventually buy the album. It was a different case for the 3rd album 'Magic Hour', which I bought on its first day of release in 1999. Following an ill adviced change of direction, the band released the 'Beetroot' album in 2001 and despite buying the single 'Desert Drought', I decided at the time that I would "buy the album later". It took me almost ten years to even hear it, and due to its poor quality it remains the only Cast album that I don't yet have in my collection. Maybe if I see it somewhere at a bargain price I will invest in a copy. The band split following the record's poor reception but nine years later regrouped for a reunion tour and a new album. 

That new album was 'Troubled Times', released early in 2012 and a return to the band's classic sound. Before the album's release, in June 2011 I was lucky enough to see the group live, a gig which you can read my review of HERE... On that page you can also see pictures of the band taken at the gig, and watch a few videos as well. 

So here are twelve of Cast's finest moments. Alongside this collection of the best of the singles, I could easily put together two more 'best of' lists featuring album tracks and b sides, such is the quality of this band's output. It's hard to pick a favourite track but the stunning 'Flying' brings back great memories, and the graceful swoon of 'Magic Hour' remains a glorious and underrated moment. 

You can either listen to the tracks on the Spotify player below or by clicking on the YouTube videos underneath it... Alright. Fine Time. Walkaway. Sandstorm. Flying. Free Me. Guiding Star. Live The Dream. Magic Hour. Bow Down. See That Girl. Time Bomb.

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