Friday, 25 May 2012

VIDEO: Dodgy - Only A Heartbeat

Legendary power pop combo Dodgy are supporting homeless charity Crisis and its 'No One Turned Away' campaign through the powerful music video for the new single 'Only A Heartbeat'. The charity's name and campaign slogan feature at the end of the short film by Kris Thompson, which shows a rough sleeper begging for small change, eating cold baked beans and then being attacked in a subway by youths.

Chief Executive of Crisis, Leslie Morphy, said: "Sadly, what happens in the video is all too true for an increasing number of people as rough sleeping is on the rise. We would like to thank the members of Dodgy for supporting our No One Turned Away campaign calling for a real safety net so that no one needs to face the horror of sleeping rough."

Mathew from the band said: "We have worked with Crisis before so when young film maker Kris Thompson pitched this story, we knew it work for 'Only A Heartbeat'. Homelessness is the most visible sign that some of the most vulnerable in our society are being let down. And there seems a tendency at the moment to vilify these people, 'they've failed, they've done it to themselves' - therefore it's okay for us to ignore them or even worse despise them and hurt them.

"These individuals aren't different from us, they are us - except something's happened, there's been a crisis - in the case of the man in the film, a bereavement. It's estimated at least 70% of homeless people have mental health problems, they need care and they need respect.  Society is about protecting everyone within and this includes the most vulnerable. Homeless charities like Crisis and St Mungos are seeing a rise in the number of people on the streets... and that's just not acceptable in the 21st Century"

Find out more about the 'NO ONE TURNED AWAY' CAMPAIGN

The single is released on June 11th and backed with two exclusive new B sides. You can also find 'Only A Heartbeat' on the incredible and critically acclaimed new album 'Stand Upright In A Cool Place'. Read a review of the album HERE.

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