Sunday, 20 May 2012

SONG FOR TODAY: Suggs And Co - Blue Day

Are you also a fan of the greatest football club in the world? If so then like me you will still be celebrating after Chelsea's incredible Champions League victory in Munich last night. I still can't believe I've lived to see it happen, it's just a shame that the great Matthew Harding wasn't around to witness history being made. 

It's the day after the night before and it STILL hasn't quite sunk in... the football club I have been supporting for most of my life are now the CHAMPIONS OF EUROPE. the agonising penalty shoot out was even more tense than I had imagined, and Drogba's make-or-break spot kick seemed to happen in slow motion as I sat on the edge of my seat, mouth open, hands together in prayer, and nerve-induced mist forming in my eyes. This mist turned to ecstatic tears of joy as that ball hit the back of the net. In sheer disbelief I leapt out of my chair and hugged my Mum and girlfriend, who were also present to see Chelsea Football Club make history. However the story could have ended up being VERY different. Not just for Chelsea FC but for me as well... I have just began writing a short book detailing my life as a Chelsea fan, and how I might not have ended up supporting this incredible club if it wasn't for two influential childhood friends and a Man United-supporting "friend" who would go on to become my biggest enemy. 

Here is what I consider to be the greatest football song ever, and not JUST because it's a Chelsea one. Is this possibly the only football song to ever be named 'Single Of The Week' in the NME? When it earned that honour back in 1997 the paper described it as "a 'Parklife' for the terraces". As I watched the Blues play Middlesborough in the '97 FA Cup final on the big screen at my Dad's old club, I knew it was our best chance yet of a 'Blue Day'. After Roberto Di Matteo's stunning goal from 25 yards and a second one from Eddie Newton, the team had won their first major trophy since the League Cup in 1965. 

12 years later and Di Matteo, along with Eddie Newton as his assistant managed what no other Chelsea manager could and make us the CHAMPIONS OF EUROPE.

So featuring as well as the great Jeremy Suggs, the 1997 Chelsea squad (including Di Matteo and Newton) here is the very appropriate 'Blue Day'. Even heaven is Blue today....

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