Friday, 18 May 2012

SONG FOR TODAY: John Squire - Time Changes Everything

A song from the period when John Squire denied that The Stone Roses were ever going to reform, and when he and Ian Brown would include bitchy remarks about each other in their solo work. Here is the title track from Squire's 2002 album 'Time Changes Everything', a record that I loved at the time but grates rather unpleasingly whenever I hear it now. A few good tracks came from it though, and this is probably the best... Time Changes Everything is the debut solo album by the English guitarist John Squire, released in 2002 on his own North Country Records label.

The album contains many allusions to Squire's former band The Stone Roses, not least the cover which features an animal skull splattered with paint in the style of Jackson Pollock, a technique used by Squire for his covers of The Stone Roses debut album and its accompanying singles. The songs "I Miss You" and "15 Days" both feature references to The Stone Roses with many critics seeing the former as evidence of Squire's wish to end his long running feud with singer Ian Brown.

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