Sunday, 27 May 2012

SONG FOR TODAY: Joe Strummer And The Mescaleros - Coma Girl

A fine moment from the legend that was Joe Strummer, released after his tragic death on the album 'Streetcore'. The posthumous album was the third and final studio album by Strummer and his band the Mescaleros. The album was completed after Joe's death by Martin Slattery and Scott Shields, and released on 21 October 2003. The album marks the band's transition from their previous genre-bending work to a more straight forward rock album, reminiscent of Strummer's early work with The Clash. The album received a positive critical reception and is generally seen as a return to form and a high point for Strummer to have gone out on. Due to Strummer's untimely death, many of the vocal performances are first takes. 'Midnight Jam' is completely without lyrics – instead, samplings of Joe's BBC Radio show Joe Strummer's London Calling are intermixed with the music. Other tracks, such as 'Redemption Song' were recorded with famed producer Rick Rubin, and it is unclear whether or not these tracks were originally intended to be on this studio album. Another notable track is 'Long Shadow', which was originally written by Strummer for Johnny Cash."

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