Thursday, 31 May 2012

PREVIEW: Ian McCulloch - Pro Patria Mori

Ian McCulloch, lead singer with Echo And The Bunnymen, has released his fourth solo album 'Pro Patria Mori'. The album was funded by fans via PledgeMusic. Talking about the new record McCulloch commented: “It’s big in places and then it’s stripped down in others. It’s a direction I’ve been wanting to go with my solo stuff for a long time.” The new album is McCulloch's first solo album in nearly a decade and his first material since Echo And The Bunnymen's most recent album 'The Fountain', released in 2009.
 "Suffice to say, I’m thrilled about it all again. I just want to say that I can’t wait for the people – you people – to hear these songs and share your feelings about (or Heavens to Murgatroyed, your lack of), and thoughts on them. Because you already know what I think…. “Different Trees”, “Pro Patria Mori” and “Raindrops On The Sun” are the equi-greatest Holy Trinity of songs ever written.

Sincere thanks and love for your love and belief.

Ian McCulloch XXX"

A review of 'Pro Patria Mori' will appear on this site soon, but in the meantime preview Mac's new album by listening to a few tracks uploaded to YouTube...

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