Thursday, 10 May 2012

MY OPINION: The NME and The bloody X Factor

Yesterday in response to a poll on the NME Facebook page, I created a Facebook groupto prevent ANOTHER 'X Factor' contestant from using proper songs by proper bands to gain publicity. This time one of them is threatening to ruin Blur's timeless classic 'Tender'... 

The NME reported "'X Factor' loser Aiden Grimshaw has offered to record a cover version, just for NME.COM users. And you can choose which song he does, out of the following three. The power is in your hands..." 

He has offered NME an exclusive cover version? Why would the NME even accept an offer like this? By even responding to him, the paper have just been hooked into providing publicity for a reality TV pop nobody, when they should be devoting time and effort towards good new music. The only way this TV karaoke singer can get himself noticed is by pissing off music fans who don't want him to cover one of their favourite songs. The NME playing along with his publicity game is awfully disappointing, both they and this X Factor idiot have reached a new low.

What i want EVERY right-thinking music fan to do is go to the NME's Facebook page and vote for this pathetic reality show nobody to ruin The Streets or Layo And Bushwacka instead of Blur. Let's prevent 'Tender' from being cruelly mistreated. Of course what we should really be doing is ignoring the pathetic little talent show twat, but since the NME didn't ignore him something has to be done.

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