Thursday, 17 May 2012


Port Erin are a brilliant three piece band from Wiltshire, who are soon to release their second album 'BUILD YOUR OWN BOAT', recorded with Marco Migliari in The Wooden Room at Real World Studios. Their debut 'See You On The Common' was a mixed bag of styles but recent shows suggest the group are beginning to form a more cohesive blend of sounds. I witnessed the group play at a local gig a few weeks ago: 

"...Port Erin follow with a set of songs that burn slower, and have the audience listening carefully. When they play, it's obvious that each one of them takes great joy and pride in delivering every twist, turn and progression that emerges from their music. With their second album currently being worked on at Real World studios, they perform with real confidence and seem to relish every moment of every song. They also seem to be finding a more clear direction for themselves, the atmospheric guitar lines caressed by thick, smooth bass pieced together with some superb, crisp sometimes stunningly delicate work on the drums courtesy of Cerys Brocklehurst. Their sound is spacious and progressive, with hints of psychedelica and jazz. Singer/guitarist Reuben delivers each line with sincerity, sometimes evoking the gentle croon of Elbow's Guy Garvey and wrestling the emotion from each chord. Capable of creating such gentle grace while also occasionally slipping into subtle funk moods, the melodies burst with tender emotion and the interesting build ups lead into soundscapes not common in the music of most three piece bands."

According to the band's Facebook:

"Formed in the West Country in January 2007. Extensively toured the U.K. including shows at Glastonbury Festival (2010, 2011) 

Currently adding finishing touches to the 2nd album, recorded with Marco Migliari in The Wooden Room at Real World Studios. Due for release June 2012. 

Cerys Brocklehurst (Drums) 
Jacob Tyghe (Bass) 
Reuben Tyghe (Guitar / Vox)

' Port Erin are simply mind blowing ' BBC Introducing

" Port Erin are a perfectly weighted three-piece dispensing precision rock full of space and dynamics with liquid, ringing guitar, fat authoritative bass a superb drummer delivering delicious hi-hat. " Venue Mag

" The Fleece is busy for this time on a Tuesday when Wiltshire trio Port Erin begin. Hypnotic bass lines creep into a pysch groove that's undercut by sharp guitar and vocal lines that never settle for an obvious pattern. From there it only gets better, the songs progressing unpredictably as jazz, but with hints of melody that never quite get lost in the rubble of breakdowns. " Venue Mag

Recently the band posted the news that: "Our 2nd album has been delayed a little. Unfortunately it won't be available for the promoted 'Album Launch Party' @ Chapel Arts on June 2nd. Rescheduled for October... More info soon. We were at Real World rehearsing with The String Bean Quartet yesterday for the June 2nd gig = Port Erin + String Quartet + Sax + BV's.... WE CAN'T WAIT.... Shelleyan Orphan + Beth Porter and the Availables....*** Tickets available from links here....


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