Thursday, 17 May 2012


Peyote, hailing from Bath, are an exciting act destined for big things. The band consists of Joseph Little, George Wilse, Andrew Squance and Tom O'Reilly. Influenced by Dick Dale, Elvis Presley, Nick Cave, Josh Homme and Quentin Tarantino movies, the band have been compared to the likes of Django Django.

"Peyote is a four piece blues, rock’n’roll band formed late 2010 and influenced by a mutual love of Quentin Tarantino movies. It was an insatiable thirst for the style, energy and emotion of the music that caused them to begin writing, performing and producing their own material, and with all the fun, they never found a reason to stop."

What do others think of Peyote?

‘As the next band, Peyote, approached the stage, suited up with Fender guitars, the audience awakened from their melancholy trance. . . . the sound that erupted from the singer was received with a jolt of surprise. With plucky guitar riffs reminiscent of the Wild West, the rough tone of the lead singer’s voice accentuated the rawness of the music…’ (Anon – The Spartan)

‘Peyote are a blues rock four piece. Their sound exhibits a contemporary stance on the late sixties, the Yardbirds fuelled blues rock zenith. Their stage presence demonstrates four guys so immersed in their musical cohesion that there is never a tentative moment. Their recent headline spot at Fri-Dazed at The Farmhouse resulted in them being requested to play a myriad of encores as people were still jiving ferociously at the time of last orders.’
(Maximus Webster – Moles Acoustic Array)

‘down and dirty, yet energetic and playful… I love it!’ (Douglas Eason, Lost Legion Records)

‘Every once in a while, there comes a band that makes you stop everything you’re doing. Peyote, as they took to the stage was one of those bands. In identical get up of black suits and white shirts, they held the Blues Brothers look down to a tee. They ever so cooly  introduced themselves with an addictive vintage blues riff followed by shattered-glass vocals. Remember that scene in Back to The Future when Marty plays Johnny B. Goode and the room erupts into dancing? Well, that’s exactly what Peyote brought the Porter cellar. It was our very own rock ‘n’ roll show, complete with foot-tapping, hand-clapping new material. 2012 is bringing back the retro, and believe me, Peyote are at the very front of the queue…. Following Peyote is never going to be easy’ (Eden Bath)

‘It’s Peyote though who steal the show. For all intense and purposes they look like the archetypal surf-rock band with their knowingly formal attire, fender strat’s and neat hair dos. Quite literally, the stage-right guitarist looks like he’s stumbled straight out of a High School prom in 1950’s suburban America and onto the stage…..Their firecracker tunes have a magnetic effect, pulling the crowd in towards the whites of their eyes. They already have huge stage presence…..You feel they could rouse a riot in a retirement home…… You can imagine this lot making a serious impression way beyond Bath.’ (Plus 1 Magazine)


May 18th
Stallards, Trowbridge

May 19th
Widcombe Social Club, Bath

May 25th
12Bar, Swindon

31st May
Thunderbolt, Bristol – Twonk Industries album launch

June 7th
Dublin Castle, Camden

June 9th
Mr Wolfs, Bristol

June 14th
10 Feet Tall, Cardiff

June 29th
Barfly, Camden London

July 6th
The Hatchet, Bristol

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