Monday, 2 April 2012

TEN OF THE BEST: Bill Withers

So here is the first in a new weeky series where each will I will select ten fine tracks by a great artist or band for your listening pleasure. This weekly feature will hopefully introduce unfamiliar listeners to music they may not have yet heard, although a lot of this music will already be familiar to a lot of other people.

The first edition of 'Ten Of The Best' is all about the incredible Bill Withers. Although i'd heard the likes of 'Lovely Day' and 'Ain't No Sunshine', it wasn't until purchasing a compilation that featured the superb 'Grandma's Hands' that I realised there was more to Bill Withers than I first thought. It still took me a long time to purchase one of his albums, but eventually in late 2011 just before Christmas I came across a vinyl copy of his Greatest Hits LP for the unbelievable price of 50p. I bought lots of other CDs and records that day, but upon getting back home and playing some of them, it was the Bill Withers LP that the biggest effect on me. Track after track, every one a timeless classic and perfect example of songwriting. 

Recently I watched the documentary film 'Still Bill', made over the last couple of years and shown on BBC Four last month. The film followed Bill as he continued to live a happy and humble life in retirement having given the world so many incredible songs. And here are ten fine examples... To watch a classic 1973 concert from Bill, go HERE.

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