Thursday, 5 April 2012

LISTEN TO: Breton - Other People's Problems

Breton are a five-piece ‘subversive art collective’ who evolved from the south London squat party scene, named themselves after the father of surrealism, AndrĂ© Breton, and construct tracks  using a process of automatic writing inspired by obsessively recorded incidental sounds. They also make their own videos at their BretonLABS studio, which apparently used to be a bank. They have released three EPs to date and have just issued their debut album 'Other People's Problems' on FatCat Records. The album is avaialble to stream in full below...

A review of this album will be coming soon to this blog, but in the meantime a recent BBC review of the album said: "Breton possess the potential to become as recognisable to chart-following crowds as any of the aforementioned acts. Now comes the luck part – the right break, the right sync, the right soundtrack. All the ingredients are here for this lot to explode if Joe Public gives them a spin or some."

Other releases by Breton are available to listen to here as well...

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