Sunday, 29 April 2012

RADIO: 'For One Night Only' with Push

Tonight sees one of my local radio stations FROME FM launch a brand new show, which will be hosted by Push, a friend and fan of the blog who used to be a Melody Maker journalist as well as writing for Muzik. He now writes the Push Blog ( and you can read some of his archive interviews and reviews at The first edition of Push's new monthly show will see him playing a selection of top quality punk rock tracks. 

Tune in to Frome FM at 10:30pm UK time to listen.
You can listen online at

"For One Night Only dips into a different genre of music every month. The show is presented by Push, a dog-eared music journalist (Melody Maker and Muzik) and book author (Rat Scabies And The Holy Grail). Visit to read Push's blog and for some of his old music interviews and reviews."

FromeFMPush describes the show: "There’s some sort of cruel madness gripping Frome FM, my local community radio station. It’s the only explanation for them asking me to present a show. My show is called For One Night Only, because I’m going to dip into a different genre of music each time, and I’ll be on air once a month. The first one is a punk rock extravaganza – I shall be including the above singles by The Clash, Penetration, The Killjoys and the marvellous Mary Monday – and it goes out this Sunday (29 April) at 10.30pm. Do please try to contain your excitement until then.

You can tune in to hear the show live at the Frome FM website – hit the Listen Now button over on the right of the page – or listen to it on demand after Sunday by going to the Programmes Menu, then the Music Menu, then choosing For One Night Only in the list on the left. Easy peasy. And if you can’t stomach the idea of 90 minutes of either (a) punk or (b) me, you’ll find some other mighty splendid programmes in the Music Menu. I’d especially recommend Different Sounds, which is hosted by Mr Ian Leak, and The Jimjam Wigwam Show, which is hosted by Mr Jimjam Wigwam (of course)."

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