Friday, 13 April 2012

PREVIEW: Public Image Ltd - This Is PiL

Public Image Ltd. have announced the tracklisting for their new album 'This Is PiL'. 

The LP, which is the follow-up to 1992's 'That What Is Not', is John Lydon and co's first studio album in 20 years and will be released through the band's own PiL Official label on May 28. The band are also set to release an EP titled 'One Drop' on April 21, to coincide with this year's Record Store Day. 

Speaking previously about the LP, Lydon likened his new material to "folk music", adding: "It comes from the heart and the soul. Whether that be electric, acoustic, digital or analogue, that's still heart and soul. It's not pop fodder and finely crafted pieces of fluff."

“Well, 12 songs, where do I begin?” Lydon said of the new album in a statement issued Thursday. “Everything and anything that attracts my attention. ‘One Drop’ is about my early youth in Finsbury Park. Fantastic! Hello, we’re all teenagers don’t you forget it! At any age, stay young."
“‘Lollipop Opera’ is basically a beautiful bunch of background noise and music to sum up Britain and all its wonderful ambidextrousness! ‘The Room I Am In’ well that’s about drugs and council flats,” Lydon’s statement continued. “And there’s a tragedy that still continues. ‘I Must Be Dreaming’ well, you know, I must be to put up with these governments.”
Public Image Ltd is releasing its first new album in 20 years
The lineup on the new album includes two musicians who joined PiL in 1986 — Lu Edmonds, multi-instrumentalist and former guitarist with the Damned, and drummer Bruce Smith from the Pop Group and the Slits — along with the band's latest addition, bassist Scott Firth, who has played with Steve Winwood and Elvis Costello.

Previously, meanwhile, the singer claimed that the reason the band had struggled to find a record label they wanted to work with was because of the popularity of shows such as The X Factor and the music industry's unwillingness to take risks.

The tracklisting for 'This Is PiL' is as follows:

'This Is PiL'
'One Drop'
'Deeper Water'
'I Must Be Dreaming'
'It Said That'
'The Room That I Am In'
'Lollipop Opera'
'Reggie Song'
'Out Of The Woods'

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