Thursday, 5 April 2012

PREVIEW: Garbage - Not Your Kind Of People

'Not Your Kind of People' is the forthcoming fifth studio album to be released by alternative rock group Garbage. The album marks the return of the band after a six-year "hiatus", taken after the release of their last set, and has a worldwide release date of May 14, 2012. The album will be released worldwide through the band's own record label, STUNVOLUME. "Working with Garbage again was very instinctual,” said guitarist Duke Erikson at the launch of the record. "Like getting on a bicycle…with three other people," Erikson addded, "We haven’t felt this good about a Garbage record since the last one."

Track listing

"Automatic Systematic Habit" - 3:18
"Big Bright World" - 3:35
"Blood for Poppies" − 3:38
"Control" - 4:12
"Not Your Kind of People" - 4:57
"Felt" - 3:26
"I Hate Love" - 3:54
"Sugar" - 3:59
"Battle In Me" − 4:14
"Man On a Wire" - 3:07
"Beloved Freak" - 4:30

Deluxe edition bonus tracks
"The One"
"What Girls Are Made Of"
"Bright Tonight"
"Show Me"

The album will be preceded by the release of "Blood for Poppies" as the lead single internationally, while in the United Kingdom, "Battle In Me" is being marketed as the album's lead single.

The album, which was recorded in various Hollywood, Silver Lake, Glendale, and Atwater Village recording studios, was self-produced by Garbage, and was engineered and mixed by Billy Bush. The album contains bass guitar parts recorded by Justin Meldal-Johnsen while Finnish actress Irina Björklund performs the musical saw on one track. Both daughters of band-members Steve Marker and Butch Vig laid down vocals on the album's title track. Photos for the album package were shot by Autumn de Wilde at the Paramour Mansion in Silverlake.

During the six years since Garbage's last studio album, 2005's 'Bleed Like Me', the band members found themselves involved in various projects - Vig produced albums and tracks by Green Day, Foo Fighters, and Muse; while Manson recorded an unreleased solo album and made her professional acting debut as a series regular on Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles. In mid-2010, the entire group were in Los Angeles for a birthday, where Manson suggested they book a studio and spend time writing. Three or four song ideas came together during this time. "But we didn't go right into making-a-record mode", Erikson recalled. "It took a bit of time for us to realize that we were going to make an album."
On March 7, 2012, Garbage confirmed the album tracklist via YouTube. Four further tracks recorded for the deluxe edition were confirmed later in a press release issued through the band's own label. Throughout the recording sessions for the album, the band also mentioned several song titles via Facebook and Twitter. These included: "Alone", "Animal", "Choose Your Weapon", "Electro", "Time Will Destroy Everything" and "T.R.O.U.B.L.E.". Some of these may be released as further bonus tracks or b-sides throughout the campaign.

Not Your Kind Of People will be released in both a standard and a deluxe configuration. Fans can preorder either version here: Standard Edition Preorder and Deluxe Edition Preorder (featuring four additional tracks).  On April 21st for Record Store Day, Garbage will release “Blood For Poppies” on a limited edition, white vinyl 7-inch that will feature the track and an exclusive remix by drummer Butch Vig.

Garbage frontwoman Shirley Manson said that 'Not Your Kind Of People' was inspired by David Bowie, Siouxsie Sioux and Cocteau Twins. The band were interviewed live on UStream and when asked if 'Not Your Kind Of People' saw them looking toward any new influences, Manson said she had been looking back to "all these people that built my musical fabric". Butch Vig added that he'd taken inspiration from prog rock and the first Suicide album.

The black and white video for 'Blood For Poppies' was directed by fashion photographer Matt Irwin and shot in Los Angeles. The video takes inspiration from surrealist artists, film makers and photographers such Rene Magritte, Maya Deren and Francesca Woodman and includes a gory reference to the famous eyeball slitting scene in Luis Bunuel's cult 1929 film Un Chien Andalou. Of filming the video, Garbage's frontwoman Shirley Manson said: "We piled into a transit van with the ridiculously talented team of Matt Irwin and Aaron Brown and hopped around little pockets of Los Angeles creating a gorgeous surrealist dream. We ate ice cream sandwiches in the sunshine and laughed a lot. I didn't want the shoot to end."

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