Monday, 9 April 2012

LISTEN TO: Spiritualized - Sweet Heart Sweet Light

"'Sweet Heart Sweet Light' is the upcoming, seventh studio album by Spiritualized. It is planned for release next week on April 17th  2012, on Double Six Records. The band has already played some of the new material live. During this time it has been reported that they spent two years recording the album, in three different cities and frontman Jason Pierce spent another year mixing it at home. He revealed in an interview that in the album he will "embrace" more poppy songs. Jason Pierce also stated that the album is partly inspired by the experiences of performing "Ladies and Gentlemen We Are Floating in Space" live in its entirety."

 You can stream the album a week ahead of its release at NPR here (link opens in new window) :

Track listing

"Huh? (Intro)" - 1:00
"Hey Jane" - 8:51
"Little Girl" - 3:43
"Get What You Want" - 6:47
"Too Late" - 3:45
"Heading for the Top" - 8:22
"Freedom" - 4:31
"I Am What I Am" - 4:37
"Mary" - 6:11
"Life Is a Problem" - 4:02
"So Long You Pretty Things" - 7:49

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