Wednesday, 18 April 2012

LISTEN TO: Blake - Stay Human

'Stay Human' is the new album from BLAKE, released a few days ago (April 16th 2012) via 208 Records. Blake has released ten albums in six years, playing most of the instruments himself. You can purchase a digital copy of the new album for £5 or the CD for £10 (also comes with 6 bonus mp3 tracks) at Blake's Bandcamp page HERE. In the meantime you can listen to 'Stay Human' in its entirety for free by going to the media player below. 

"'Stay Human' is inspired by the life of the Italian reporter and peace activist Vittorio Arrigoni, who was murdered in the Gaza Strip in April 2011 by a Palestinian terrorist group. Arrigoni was one of the few foreign journalists present in Gaza during the Israeli military offensive Operation Cast Lead, December 2008 to January 2009. He published a book, Restiamo Umani (Stay Human), a collection of his reportage from this period. Arrigoni coined the term ‘stay human’ as a call to the world not to let our humanity be diminished by allowing human rights abuses to go unchallenged. The album was funded with the support of friends and fans via the Pledge Music website. The profits from the Stay Human campaign went to the Greenbelt Festival, where I premiered the songs from the record live in August 2011. Through this album I hope to raise awareness of Vittorio Arrigoni's life and mission; a beautiful man whose integrity and humanity has moved me deeply. I really hope you will enjoy it."

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