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SONG FOR TODAY: Six by Seven - Candlelight

An excellent band from the late 90's and early 2000's, I think I first heard Six By Seven on the John Peel show. After finding a copy of their debut album 'Things That We Make', it sounded just as great as it did all those years ago... "Six By Seven were a Nottingham-based indie rock band who consisted of Chris Olley on vocals and guitars, James Flower on keyboards, Sam Hempton on guitar and Christian Davis on drums. Exponents of building, atmospheric drone-rock, influenced heavily by bands such as My Bloody Valentine and Spacemen 3 they found a niche in the industry with a considerable underground following, but despite some attempts to commercialise their sound, this never crossed over into mainstream success."

Sunday, 29 April 2012

NEWS: Dodgy to release new single 'Only A Heartbeat' in May

The excellent DODGY are to release a new single, 'Only A Heartbeat'. The album version of the song is currently available on their incredible 'Stand Upright In A Cool Place' album (REVIEW HERE), which was released earlier this year, and the new version is due to be released as single on June 11th. The band stated: "For the new single version we had another listen to the master tapes and sent them back over with our ideas to Matt Pence in Texas, who has revisited the track and done a sterling job - we are sure you will agree when you hear it."

The extra tracks will include a cover of The Band's 'Long Black Veil' and a new song 'Pitcheroak'.

'Only A Heartbeat' (new single version) / 'Long Back Veil' / 'Pitcheroak'

The band posted: 

"Last week we decamped to Vale Studios for two days; the glorious boys from The Smoke Feathers said it was a great place to record and they weren't wrong. The studio is based in a tiny village called Fladbury, near Evesham that has NOTHING....apart from a couple of pubs and a butchers that sold the best pork pies in the world. I know what you're thinking - NO jokes about the drummer and pies please! Word is obviously getting out about the studio as they had @TheUnthanks in straight after us, which when I heard gave me quite a little quiver in my stomach (no, it wasn't the pies) as I have rather a thing for those sisters. Lovely, earthy women, singing beautiful harmonies hits me somewhere deep, and apparently so for Nigel also, as we found out the next day when we watched @thestaves, but I'll get to that in a minute.

Going into the studio, we start to pick up on word on Twitter that our favourite singer and drummer from one of our favourite bands, Levon Helm from The Band, was not in good shape, so we decided to change our well made plans and record a cover of a Band song. Afficianados of Dodgy will know that we have already covered 'The Night They Drove Old Dixie Down' - noone can remember if we ever recorded it properly (there might a bootleg somewhere) but we certainly played it live, probably on the 1996 tour. It all got spooky when we got back into the control room after we'd put down the final take of  a version of The Band's 'Long Black Veil' to find out the sad news that he'd passed away. Apparently he'd been in a lot of pain for a long time so it was probably a welcome release. Hope you like our version, Mr Miller's one take guitar is rather splendid.

The other track Dodgy recorded is 'Pitcheroak', a song that Nigel wrote with a bunch of pupils he has taught at Pitcheroak School in Redditch and the kids who took part in the writing process have a whole range of special needs from severe autism, reading and talking difficulties. They were inspirational and the most caring young people we have ever worked with. The song is written especially for the school, the kids wrote the lyrics and if you listen to the track some of them are singing on it with us, all proceeds from the song will be going to the school to help fund further arts based projects.

You should be able to download the new songs from iTunes and other usual suspects from June 11th."

Meanwhile the band will be recording a Radio 2 session for the legendary Bob Harris's show in July...

The press release reads: 

Dodgyology “A second chance will never come
   Keeping on ‘til you’re done
   Don’t waste a moment of a single day...”

When it came to helping put together some words for the release of our new single - something they refer to in the industry as a Press Release (you see, we can impart some of our superior knowledge and experience and be educational here as well) we were struggling ourselves and are indebted to the journalist Terry Staunton for taking on the task and summing it up with the following, on the button, words:
The sentiments of Only A Heartbeat, the new single from Dodgy, strike a universal chord. It’s a powerfully emotional song about loss and, perhaps more importantly, healing, speaking directly to a hurt all of us have faced, or will face at some point in our lives. 

Oftentimes, a blow can throw us off balance, leaving us grasping for the words to try and make sense of what’s happened. Articulacy evades us, as we struggle to process our thoughts and find a way to move forward, and Dodgy’s Nigel Clark was no different – until music guided him towards, if not total understanding, at least a kind of acceptance, a glimmer of light in the darkness.

   “In June 2008 my older brother died, totally out of the blue,” he says.
   “I felt really lost; if I was a turtle, it felt like I’d lost my shell, I’d lost my shelter.
     But I got to thinking about when my heart stops, I’ll be with him again."

   “I was walking round my studio, which I do quite a lot, just pacing, and the words kept
    coming into  my head:
   ‘Feeling, knowing, you’re only a heartbeat away.’
    It was very simple, but very cathartic.”

Already a firm favourite in the group’s live set, Dodgy have heard stories from fans of how Only A Heartbeat has helped them deal with losses of their own, the song’s reassuring lyrics and tender melody offering genuine comfort.

In common with many tracks on the critically acclaimed album Stand Upright In A Cool Place, it addresses big themes with maturity and intelligence, clear hallmarks of the older, wiser 21st century Dodgy. It’s been 16 years since the release of their previous album, back in the heady ‘90s when the band delivered a seemingly endless procession of memorable tunes we took to our hearts (Good Enough, Staying Out For The Summer, So Let Me Go Far, If You’re Thinking Of Me, Found You, Melodies Haunt You, the list goes on...).

After such a long lay-off, there was bound to be questions as to whether Dodgy could recapture the magic of old, whether the muse was still there, whether they still had the instinctive knack of crafting joyously persuasive music that made us want to dance, sing, everything. The answer to all those questions is a resounding yes.

They’re still deftly fashioning the pop thrills of yore, but the bulging scrapbook of enthusiastic thumbs-up reviews for Stand Upright... are a testament to the fact that the new songs of greater depth and substance, of richer meaning, have been embraced by all who hear them, and that Dodgy have returned to the spotlight just when we needed them the most.    

In that respect, the opening line of Only A Heartbeat isn’t entirely accurate. A second chance has come for Dodgy, and they’re determined not to waste a single note of it.

The exciting, young film-maker, Kris Thompson was first brought to our attention when he took some amazing footage of the riots in Ealing (just put Ealing into You Tube, it's the first video). We decided to ask him to produce the series of short films we made about the songs on the new album. 

At one of our live shows with Dodgy, Kris was moved by the fact that people were coming up to Nigel afterwards, asking for the lyrics to Only A Heartbeat to help them over recent loss - so much so that he wanted to make a short film to accompany the song.
Interpret the song how he sees it, as all good film makers should

The resulting film is quite remarkable. We knew he was good, but not this good.

The film was having a dramatic effect on the few people we showed it to, and we realised that it was a different creature altogether to a pop video, so that's when we started talking to homeless charity Crisis. they saw the potential and were very keen to come on board and use the message of the film to draw attention to the vital work they do and especially their No One Turned Away campaign.

Chief Executive of Crisis, Leslie Morphy, said: “Sadly, what happens in the video is all too true for an increasing number of people as rough sleeping is on the rise. We would like to thank the members of Dodgy for supporting our No One Turned Away campaign calling for a real safety net so that no one needs to face the horror of sleeping rough.”

Dodgy have worked with Crisis before so when Kris Thompson pitched this story, we felt it would work for Only A Heartbeat. Homelessness is the most visible sign that some of the most vulnerable in our society are being let down. And there seems a tendency at the moment to vilify these people, "they’ve failed, they’ve done it to themselves" – therefore it’s okay for us to ignore them or even worse despise them and hurt them.  These individuals aren’t different from us, they are us - except something’s happened, there’s been a crisis – in the case of the man in the film, a bereavement. It’s estimated at least 70% of homeless people have mental health problems, they need care and they need respect. Mainly due to the economic downturn, rough sleeping rose by 23% last year. Society is about protecting everyone within and this includes the most vulnerable. Homeless charities like Crisis and St Mungos are seeing a rise in the number of people on the streets… and that’s just not acceptable in the 21st Century"

This being the week of the Cannes film festival we saw no reason why they should have all the red carpets so we are going to have our own ONLINE PREMIERE of the Kris Thompson film to accompany 'Only A Heatbeat' this THURSDAY evening MAY 24th at 9pm, followed by a short Q&A on Twitter and the Dodgy Facebook page with the film-maker and some members of the band. Please comment on Twitter using #OnlyAHeartbeat

Crisis is the national charity for single homeless people dedicated to ending homelessness by delivering life-changing services and campaigning for change. The charity’s award winning education, training and employment centres offer practical and creative workshops to over 3,000 homeless people a year in an inspiring environment together with formal learning opportunities that lead to qualifications and finding work. Sign up to be a Crisis campaigner and join the fight to end homelessness

Finally, if you would be happy to use social media to support Crisis, it would be great if you could tweet about the No One Turned Away campaign or post something on Facebook. Feel free to write your own, but an example tweet about the campaign would be: ‘Urgent: Write to the Housing Minister to tell him no one should be forced to sleep rough #nooneturnedaway @crisis_uk’

To contact Crisis

To contact Dodgy email us @ info(at)

Dodgy will be playing live this Friday May 25th at the Corn Exchange in Hertford. Come along."

For more information about the single visit

Here is a part of the superb video for 'Only A Heartbeat', directed by Kris Thompson...

The band talk about what inspired the song...

RADIO: 'For One Night Only' with Push

Tonight sees one of my local radio stations FROME FM launch a brand new show, which will be hosted by Push, a friend and fan of the blog who used to be a Melody Maker journalist as well as writing for Muzik. He now writes the Push Blog ( and you can read some of his archive interviews and reviews at The first edition of Push's new monthly show will see him playing a selection of top quality punk rock tracks. 

Tune in to Frome FM at 10:30pm UK time to listen.
You can listen online at

"For One Night Only dips into a different genre of music every month. The show is presented by Push, a dog-eared music journalist (Melody Maker and Muzik) and book author (Rat Scabies And The Holy Grail). Visit to read Push's blog and for some of his old music interviews and reviews."

FromeFMPush describes the show: "There’s some sort of cruel madness gripping Frome FM, my local community radio station. It’s the only explanation for them asking me to present a show. My show is called For One Night Only, because I’m going to dip into a different genre of music each time, and I’ll be on air once a month. The first one is a punk rock extravaganza – I shall be including the above singles by The Clash, Penetration, The Killjoys and the marvellous Mary Monday – and it goes out this Sunday (29 April) at 10.30pm. Do please try to contain your excitement until then.

You can tune in to hear the show live at the Frome FM website – hit the Listen Now button over on the right of the page – or listen to it on demand after Sunday by going to the Programmes Menu, then the Music Menu, then choosing For One Night Only in the list on the left. Easy peasy. And if you can’t stomach the idea of 90 minutes of either (a) punk or (b) me, you’ll find some other mighty splendid programmes in the Music Menu. I’d especially recommend Different Sounds, which is hosted by Mr Ian Leak, and The Jimjam Wigwam Show, which is hosted by Mr Jimjam Wigwam (of course)."

Anyone remember 'The House Of Rock'? - video

The late 1990's and early 2000's were very different to now. In 2011 the only real music show on television is Jools Holland's Later, and Channel 4's occasional Live From Abbey Road specials. Apart from those, nothing. But years ago I used to stay up late on a Wednesday night where amongst other great music programming, Jo Whiley hosted a music-based discussion show (it got slagged off, but I thought it was a great show). Channel 4's excellent '4Music' slot on Wednesday nights also featured an adult cartoon that used to have me in hysterics... And nowadays I'm on the look out for a way to get hold of series one of this particular show.... 'The House Of Rock' was a cartoon set in the afterlife, with Freddie Mercury, Biggie Smalls, Kurt Cobain, John Denver and Marc Bolan (or John Lennon in series 2) all living in the same house. Fantastic stuff. Series one was the better one (featuring the awesome episode where the gang have to go along with the fantasies of a ketamine-fulled Biggie), so it's a shame that only series 2 is available on DVD. Or anywhere else for that matter. If anyone out there reading this has episodes of series one PLEASE contact me!

In the meantime, here's Series Two of 'The House Of Rock'...


Two episodes from series one here

some more 'House Of Rock' in amongst these clips...

SONG FOR TODAY: Siouxsie And The Banshees - Happy House

"'Happy House' is a song recorded by British rock band Siouxsie and the Banshees. The song was written by Banshees members Siouxsie Sioux and Steven Severin and it was released as the first single from the band's third album 'Kaleidoscope'. 'Happy House' and the 'Kaleidoscope' album marked a change in musical direction for Siouxsie and the Banshees due to the arrival of two new musicians: drummer Budgie previously from The Slits, and guitarist John McGeoch, previously from Magazine, whose riffs can be found all over this tune...."

REVIEW: Spiritualized - Sweet Heart Sweet Light

Drugs, prescribed or otherwise have always been a reoccuring theme when it comes to the music of Spiritualized, from the song 'Medication' to the tablet-like packaging for their 1997 classic 'Ladies And Gentlemen We Are Floating In Space'. Following a lengthy hospitalisation with near fatal pneumonia in 2005, Jason Pierce revealed that due to a liver disease, he had to take life saving drugs during the writing and recording of his latest record. The lyrical themes are familiar: Jesus, rock and roll, drugs, heartbreak and wasted years. This time Jason Pierce is exorcising demons and finding ways of fighting through sadness and finding new hope. 

It's quite fair to say that if you've heard Spiritualized before and didn't enjoy it, then 'Sweet' is probably not going to change your mind. It is an album for fans of Pierce's previous work, but parts of it are more than capable of appealing to those who haven't heard Spiritualized before. The opening minute-long orchestral introduction provides a sweet and elegant greeting before bursting into life with 'Hey Jane' which is hugely enjoyable. It opens like the Beach Boys covered by the Velvet Underground before breaking down into chaos and building itself back up with a motorik rhythm and spaced-out guitars, from which a joyous gospel coda emerges. 'Little Girl' is one of Pierce's finest pieces of work to date, sad yet uplifting and blessed with the most stunning soul strings. 

Although the grinding 'Get What You Deserve' runs for longer than necessary, it adds more than enough to the two chord melody for it to hit the mark, complete with familiar distorted Hammond organ, dissonant guitars and eastern flavoured strings reminiscent of Echo And The Bunnymen's 'Back Of Love'. Although 'Too Late' begins like a Spiritualized cliche thanks to some rather typical lyrics, it soon rises into an emotionally powerful chorus and a melodic beauty that pushes it to the status of album highlight. But another less successful two-chord dirge 'Heading For The Top' aims for the heavier, hypnotic chaos of '...Floating In Space' but doesn't really do enough to adequately recreate such brilliance, and goes pretty much nowhere in the process despite building into a loud, towering arrangement. 

Following the weary country hymn 'Freedom', the brooding 'I Am What I Am' has a 'Cop Shoot Cop'-like pulse running through it, locking into a groove with fierce guitars, handclaps and gospel vocals adding more mean soul. Feedback and squealing free jazz horns ente the chaos as the track climaxes with blistering white noise. 'Mary' begins broken and beaten but soon grows into something truly mammoth, before the hymnal 'Life Is A Problem' makes various pleas for religious guidance via another unforgettable melody. The album concludes with the slow burning beauty of 'So Long You Pretty Things', with Pierce again turning to Jesus for help, feeling like a man with "no reason to be living anymore", before pulling through and making it out the other side as a joyous chorus arises and ends the album on an ecstatically positive note. 

This record doesn't exactly bring many new ideas to the table, but in most cases Pierce doesn't need to. This is more a case of expanding on old ideas and attempting to perfect his musical trademarks further. More often than not he succeeds, making 'Sweet Heart Sweet Light' the strongest Spiritualized album since 2001's superb 'Let It Come Down'. 8

Saturday, 28 April 2012

SONG FOR TODAY: Frank Sinatra - Summer Wind

"'Summer Wind' is a 1965 song, with music by Heinz Meier and lyrics by Johnny Mercer, Original german lyrics by Hans Bradtke. The song is a nostalgic tale of a fleeting romance, first recorded by Wayne Newton who had the first national chart hit with the song in 1965, peaking at number 78. 'Summer Wind' is most known for a 1966 recording by Frank Sinatra which peaked at number twenty-five on the Billboard pop singles chart and number one on the Easy Listening chart. The Sinatra version originally appeared on his album, Strangers in the Night. By the 2000s, it was one of Sinatra's most-used recordings in various contexts"...

Friday, 27 April 2012

SONG FOR TODAY: Nina Simone - I Wish I Knew How It Would Feel To Be Free

I first heard this wonderful civil-rights anthem on the fantastic 'Stand Up And Be Counted' compilation in 1999, and ever since this song and its singer have remained great favourites of mine... "'I Wish I Knew How It Would Feel to Be Free" is a song written by Billy Taylor & Dick Dallas, most well known for the recording by Nina Simone in 1967 on her 'Silk & Soul' album. Billy Taylor's original version (as "I Wish I Knew") was recorded November 12, 1963 and released on his 'Right Here, Right Now' album the year after. His 1967 instrumental take was later used as the theme music for The Film programme on BBC television.
Billy Taylor reports that "I wrote this song, perhaps my best known composition, for my daughter Kim. This is one of the best renditions I’ve done, because it is very spiritual."..."

PREVIEW: Crocodiles - Endless Flowers

Crocodiles are an noise pop/indie pop band from San Diego, California, USA. The group was formed in 2008 by core members Brandon Welchez and Charles Rowell after the break-up of their former punk bands Some Girls and The Plot to Blow Up the Eiffel Tower. Crocodiles' sound has typically been likened to The Jesus and Mary Chain, Echo & the Bunnymen, and Spacemen 3.

2010's 'Sleep Forever' was their second album and a rather impressive listen. Now they are preparing to unleash their third long player 'Endless Flowers' on June 4th through Souterrain Transmissions in Europe, and June 5th on French Kiss in North America. The Official video for the new single "Sunday (Psychic Conversation #9)" was shot by Sam Macon at Radar Studios in New York.

You can pre-order the album from AMAZON and iTunes now...

  1. 1.Endless Flowers
  2. 2.Sunday (Psychic Conversation #9)
  3. 3.No Black Clouds for Dee Dee
  4. 4.Electric Death Song
  5. 5.Hung Up On a Flower
  6. 6.My Surfing Lucifer
  7. 7.Dark Alleys
  8. 8.Bubblegum Trash
  9. 9.Welcome Trouble
  10. 10.You Are Forgiven
  11. 11.I'm Not a Young Man Anymore (Bonus)

INTRODUCING: Two Wounded Birds

TWO WOUNDED BIRDS are a very excellent four piece group, hailing from Margate. Influenced by The Beach Boys, The Smiths, The Doors, Quentin Tarantino, The Beatles, Neil Young, The Cure, Link Wray, Suicide, The Cramps and others, the band have already made an impression with their EPs 'Keep Dreaming Baby, 'Summer Dream', 'Together Forever'' and 'Midnight Wave', a single released last April through the Moshi Moshi label. 

The band's debut album is due for release on June 24th, and you can listen to a selection of the band's tracks via the YouTube videos below...

The album's lead track 'To Be Young' is available to download for free below...

IN THEIR OWN WORDS... "Rock and Roll has always been the music of the outsider, it’s always been a snub to the mediocrity of mainstream norms and aspirations. Yet, in a world where marketing rules, rock and roll has too often been co-opted as a method of selling records. One day a band is a nu-folk sensation , and then they’re leather clad poster boys posing in front of Triumph Bonneville’s. But for Two Wounded Birds, there’s always been Vince Taylor on the stereo and Elvis’ picture on the wall. There’s no marketing strategy with this band, no friends in high places, no favours to pull in. They’re from Margate for fuck’s sake.
But there’s a benefit to being so isolated. As wave after wave of the next big things have engulfed England’s cities, singer Johnny Danger has quietly amassed a mountain of classic records in his quiet corner of the country, collecting everything from doo-wop to New York punk of the late 70s. From this fountainhead of pop, Two Wounded Birds have steeped themselves in the defining sounds of the last 60 years, creating their own micro-community in an unreceptive, generally hostile home town.
This all-encompassing love of rock and pop has acted as a block to the relentless buzz of the hype machines and instilled in the band a fervent appreciation of melody and a deep reverence for the song. And it comes across in the music: listen to All We Wanna Do and try and get that melody out of your head, or put on Night Patrol and try not to catch a chill. 

In other words, for once, this is the real deal. 

Although Two Wounded Birds have written hundreds of songs over the last few years, things really kicked off for them when The Drums approached the band and began courting them over Myspace. Then Jon Pierce refused to go onstage on NME’s radar tour unless they were supported by Two Wounded Birds. Maybe it was that anachronistic American look or maybe it was one of those killer hooks that got their attention, but soon enough Jacob Graham had released the bands first EP, Keep Dreaming Baby, through his own Holiday Records.
Since then the band have built up a loyal and illustrious following. A songwriting trip to LA found Brian Wilson, of the Beach Boys, calling up Johnny and complementing him on a ‘great sense of melody.’ Whilst, Debbie Harry, Tracy Emin and even Spongebob Squarepants have jumped on board with equal enthusiasm after discovering the band independently. And maybe you had that feeling too: that moment of exhilaration, that extremely personal, intense feeling of joy when you discover a band that exceeds the hype, overcomes the nonsense and really delivers something worth your time.
And that’s really all there is: the songs. When you finally shut out the world, forget about what who thinks about who and who’s being played where, all you have left is the music. And this is the sound of well-crafted, timeless pop played by a group of unwavering, romantic, rock and roll obsessives."

PREVIEW: The Beach Boys - That's Why God Made The Radio

'That's Why God Made the Radio' is the new single from THE BEACH BOYS, the band's first new material in 20 years, and the first to feature Brian Wilson since 1989's 'Still Crusin''.

The group have recorded a full album of original material, their 29th as a band, and will release it to commemorate their 50th anniversary this June. 'That's Why God Made The Radio' is also the name of the album as well as being its lead single. The album will be released in the States on June 5th.

Fans will immedately recognise the unmistakable melodic sound of Brian Wilson et al in full flow as well as the gloriously Summer-centric tune.

Lead singer and album producer Brian Wilson says of the album, “Radio was my whole education. Chuck Berry, Rosemary Clooney, The Four Freshmen, Phil Spector, Little Richard... To hear That’s Why God Made The Radio on the radio would be a thrill beyond belief, it really would.” 
“I got a lot of my appreciation for all of the creativity in the world, in terms of music, through the radio,” adds Mike Love.  “For all of us who grew up in the ‘50s, ‘60s, ‘70s and beyond, the radio has played such a huge, important part in our lives.  When we were kids, we’d sneak out of the house and go and sit in Brian’s car and listen to the local radio stations on his car radio.”
Wilson and Love discussed the upcoming album and tour in a interview on February 16, 2012. The duo said the album was halfway done with Wilson doing the writing and stating that all of the songs will flow into each other. The album will end with a Pet Sounds- and Smile-inspired suite. One track titled, "That's Why God Made the Radio" is filled with classic Beach Boys harmonies and one of their best songs ever according to Wilson.
According to Bruce Johnston, all of the songs are originals, no cover songs, no guest musicians on the album. Each band member sings lead on at least one of the songs while Johnston contributed one song titled, "She Believes in Love Again", a song he wrote in 1985 however he said he was unsure if the song would make the final cut since the label picks the album's tracks, not the band. Johnston compares the album to one of the band's least-successful albums but fan favorite, Sunflower while Al Jardine said the album is "very lush, very PetSound-ing".

Track listing

"That's Why God Made the Radio"
"Think About the Days"
"Isn't It Time"
"Spring Vacation"
"Private Life of Bill and Sue"
"Daybreak Over the Ocean"
"Beaches in Mind"
"Strange World"
"My Life Suite"
"Summer's Gone"

New Order - 'Lost Sirens' - will it ever be released?

The release of the "new" New Order album has been surrounded in mystery for a while now. In November last year they were supposed to be releasing 'Lost Sirens', but soon the release date was changed from December 2011 to March 2012. Over a month on from March and it seems that the album's release has been delayed indefinitely...

'Lost Sirens' is an eight-track CD/LP package featuring material left over from the recording sessions for 2005 swan song Waiting for the Sirens’ Call.

1. I'll Stay with You (4.22)
2. Sugarcane (4.47)
3. Recoil (5.08)
4. Californian Grass (4.38)
5. Hellbent (4.28)
6. Shake it Up (5.21)
7. I've Got a Feeling (4.29)
8. I Told You So (5.05)

While New Order hasn’t formally announced the release, keyboardist Gillian Gilbert discussed Lost Sirens in a recent Brazilian interview to promote the band’s appearance in Sao Paulo this weekend. According to an English translation, she acknowledges issues with former member  Peter Hook, and says there is “a lot going on behind the scenes on the copyright.” She adds that the intention was to release the set at Christmas, “but I do not know if it will (be) delayed.”
The reunited New Order — Gilbert, Bernard SumnerStephen Morris, 2000s-era guitarist Phil Cunningham and Bad Lieutenant bassist Tom Chapman (replacing the estranged Peter Hook) — played two shows in October, and is slated to perform in London and South America in this month. Future touring plans have not yet been announced, but in the Brazilian interview, Gilbert says, “We will do more festivals, we are going to Australia. We’re not thinking about recording, we’re just enjoying it now.”

Image of New OrderThe release description for 'Lost Sirens' is:
Following the release of TOTAL: From Joy Division To New Order in early 2011 and the surprise success of Lost Siren track "Hellbent", New Order are proud to announce the release of The Lost Sirens, an eight track mini album featuring Bernard Sumner, Peter Hook, Stephen Morris and Philip Cunningham. Featuring a truly eclectic mix of electronica and guitars in the way only New Order know how, The Lost Sirens features eight tracks which were recorded during the sessions for Waiting For The Sirens Call and are all previously unreleased. "Hellbent" features on The Lost Sirens in it’s original non-radio edit form (as per TOTAL) and "I Told You So" is a previously unreleased mix.

The delay of the record's release could be something to do with legal action from ex-bassist Peter Hook who has claimed he would "fuck over" his old band any way he could...

Any new information surrounding 'Lost Sirens' will be posted here...

Thursday, 26 April 2012

VIDEO: Sylver Tongue - Creatures

Sylver Tongue's website reads: "All musicians are, to a certain extent, influenced by others. For many, simply recreating the music they love is enough. But for some, influences are used to inspire, as a direction rather than a destination. Sylver Tongue belongs to the latter category." Sylver Tongue is in fact the new project from Ash's Charlotte Hatherley...