Thursday, 29 March 2012

COMPILATIONS: 100,000 Page Views! - LISTEN

So today marks another landmark moment in the history of the Mr Scott:Music blog... The site has now had over 100,000 page views since it first went online and continues to attract new readers from all over the world every day. I first set up the site in early 2010 as an information point for the old '2 Hours With Mr Scott' radio shows I used to host for UK HD Radio (now defunct), and soon began posting short reviews of albums that featured on the shows. When the show ended I left the site alone for a while. Then in November 2010 I relaunched the site as a music blog, at first only posting occasionally but then as the readers started to come I began adding more content. Soon I began posting full album reviews, launched 'Song For Today' and Mr Scott:Music started to take shape. 

Over the last month the site has achieved at least a third more monthly page views than the previous monthly record total, proving that this wonderful music blog is starting to become very hot property in cyberspace. I'd like to thank the bands and artists who 
I have interviewed for this blog, and I'd especially like to thank my friends DODGY, FRENZY and NORTHERN UPROAR for their continued support and encouragement. I want to say cheers to NME editor Luke Lewis for his welcome feedback, and to all the other music blogs who have helped direct readers to this site. And of course I want to say a BIG thank you to each and every one of you readers for making this site the success it has become, and hope that you can all contribute to the NEXT 100,000 page views... which I don't think will take quite as long next time! 

So to celebrate this special day there is a new page background (consisting of part of my CD collection) and there's also a competition.... There IS a prize but I won't tell you what it is yet. 
So to win this prize all you have to do is correctly name as many of the CDs featured in this photo as you can, and whoever guesses the most wins the mystery prize! The best thing to do is click on the image below so you can view it in full size. Send an email to with all your answers and with "COMPETITION" in the subject line. The competition is going to be running for two weeks and the deadline for entries is April 12th. 

Also I have uploaded a new compilation/mixtape for you all to enjoy. This one is appropriately entitled '100,000 Views' and features some of the many band and artists who have featured on Mr Scott:Music. It includes people who have become friends of the blog, such as Dodgy, Northern Uproar, Doyle And The Fourfathers, Frenzy, Ultrasound and David McAlmont. It also includes artists who have attracted large numbers of readers to the site such as Radiohead, Paul Weller and Michael Kiwanuka... Enjoy.

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  1. Congratulations Mr. Scott:Music Blog for all those page views and hope and expect there will be many many more. Also a big thank you for all your kind and eloquent words about Dodgy ;-)