Saturday, 3 March 2012

MY OPINION: Adele and the interrupted Brits speech

People are STILL talking about Adele's acceptance speech being cut short at this year's Brit Awards. Organising a live televised awards ceremony and expecting the time schedule to go according to plan is certainly not guaranteed, and people are blaming all sorts of things for host James Corden having to interrupt Adele's big moment in order to squeeze Blur's climactic performance in before the end of the show. Some are saying Damon Albarn's acceptance speech was too long and took up the time that could have been used to let Adele say everything she wanted to. But the fact is this: Blur had won the Outstanding Contribution To Music award, surely there were a lifetime's worth of people to thank. Wheras Adele has only been around for a few years, and had already had the chance to say her thank yous following the other award she picked up that night. 

Some people are blaming other things for wasting time during the ceremony, like the short trailers detailing the nominations for Best Album that played throughout the night. I'm going to settle this once and for all... Lots of time was wasted during the Awards show and it was nothing to do with Blur or those album trailers. The organisers went wrong because they wasted lots of time giving coverage to people who aren't even musicians. Like James Corden spending a tedious few minutes talking to reality tv boyband One Direction... As if we're supposed to know who these people are, and as if we're supposed to care. Another excruciating moment I had to turn the channel over for was the smug, talentless nobody that is Olly fucking Murs doing a performance. Yes a performance at a music awards ceremony. What were this prick and that shockingly awful boyband even doing there?

The Brits is supposed to be for musicians, and these worthless cunts are nothing but contestants from a reality tv show. They had absolutely NO RIGHT being there. Furthermore they had enough time on the telly during their tacky karaoke show, surely they don't need any more publicity. 

So if you want someone to blame for the Brits fiasco, then blame the enemies of music, the wankers who are in it for fame, celebrity and money. None of them care about music and none of them are capable of playing or writing music. So i'll ask again: WHY were they there?

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