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LISTEN: Melksham:Music - Show #4 - The Melksham Music Anthology - 29/01/2012

This is the specially extended show that was planned for Christmas, but which didn't get made in time! An hour and a half of the bands and artists who have put Melksham on the map over the years, and no voice links just non-stop music. Some old (The Mental, Four Parts Water, Babyfood, Nishe, Buzztone, Armies Of Anger) some new (Terrapin, Home Taping Is Killing Music, Liveo, Jordan Whatley, Blake, Big Giant Head) and some just damn awesome (Thought Forms, Subhumans, Hell Death Fury, No Manifesto). Also featuring Port Erin, Osakastripclub, Thermal Error, Luke Johnstone, Lambsbread, Alex Sears and Sackful Of Sovereigns. If you're unaware of Melksham's musical history then prepare for an hour and a half of education...

THE MENTAL - OFF THE RAILS - The Mental were an anarcho-punk band formed in Melksham in the late 1970's, releasing a few EPs before splitting up.
SUBHUMANS - MICKEY MOUSE IS DEAD - The Subhumans were formed from the ashes of The Mental, who featured lead singer and lyrical genius Dick Lucas. The Subhumans went on to become one of the world's most influential punk bands, releasing classic albums and playing wildly energetic live shows.
FOUR PARTS WATER - SIDE OF MY EYE - Four Parts Water formed at the George Ward School in the mid 90's and were almost signed by Island Records. The band featured Dan Austin who is now one of the UK's top producers, working with the likes of Doves, Massive Attack, Cherry Ghost and The B-52's. 
BABYFOOD - TV - Formed in the late '90s, Babyfood created much excitement on the indie scene, and released a single on the legendary Shifty Disco label. After their popularity led to them being played on Radio One in the early 2000's the band went their seperate ways.
NISHE - MINORITIES TO MASSES - Nishe were a 'post-hardcore' outfit originally formed at the George Ward School in the early 2000s. After a couple of line up changes the band went on to record three EPs, win the Wiltshire Battle Of The Bands competition and tour with some well known groups. 
BUZZTONE - SCARS - A punk-pop band from Melksham who became big favourites on the local cicuit.
LAMBSBREAD - SELECTIVE BREATHING - Formed from the ashes of a metal band called Deadshed, Lambsbread featured Dom Bailey, Leo Goodhind and Keith Johnstone who now run Melksham's Nine Volt Leap studios.
ARMIES OF ANGER - SHACKLES OF SILENCE - Armies Of Anger were a critically acclaimed DIY punk group from Melksham who released 2 EPs, an album and a compilation before splitting in 2008. Their material was entirely home recorded, self-produced and self released.
OSAKASTRIPCLUB - DISCO - Osakastripclub feature former members of Babyfood and Buzztone and their debut EP was recorded at Melksham's Nine Volt Leap studios.
NO MANIFESTO - LIFE PEACE AND CREATION - No Manifesto were a short lived band who featured Armies Of Anger's Ben Scott and Todd McEntegart. After releasing an EP in April 2009  the band went through a brief line-up change before splitting in October 2009. 
THERMAL ERROR - WALKING WITH GHOSTS - A now-defunct group featuring Luke Bailey, Dom Bailey and Keith Johnstone formerly of Lambsbread.
PORT ERIN - THESE WOUNDS - Port Erin hail from Broughton Gifford, which no matter which way you look at it is still part of Melksham. Having played Glastonbury they are now recording their 2nd album at the legendary Real World studios.
THOUGHT FORMS - GOLDEN SUNSET SWAN'S TONGUE - Thought Forms are a mesmerising "post-rock" outfit who formed in the early 2000s and released their stunning self titled debut album on Invada Records in 2009. In their own words they specialise in "noise worship" and "pedal abuse". The band are currently preparing their second album for release and have just come back from a US tour supporting Portishead.
HELL DEATH FURY - ROB KILL BURN - Hell Death Fury are a ska-core punk combo who include former members of Nishe. Their debut album 'Free Porn' is available now and comes highly recommended.
LIVEO - EYE FOR AN EYE - Liveo are a four piece rap/rock outfit who take in a diverse range of influences and who have released their debut EP 'Ride Out The Waves' last year.
JORDAN WHATLEY - THE BRAVE - A young up-and-coming local singer/guitarist and an excellent songwriter who is quickly earning himself a great reputation on the local scene.
BLAKE - STAY HUMAN 1 - Blake is a brilliant solo artist from Melksham who has already released a number of fine albums, the latest of which is 'Stay Human', an impressive piece of work which was inspired by the murdered Italian peace activist Vittorio Arrigoni.
TERRAPIN - THE GLASSES THAT DIDN'T FIT ME - Brand new music from Terrapin, who feature Dom and Luke from Thermal Error as well as Leo Goodhind, vocalist Audrey Tietsz and Hell Death Fury's Reno.
LUKE JOHNSTONE - By Your Words (Rough Cut) - An instrumental track from Luke Johnstone, who as well as being a great musician is also the treasurer at Melksham Community Radio!
BIG GIANT HEAD - TUBE (DNB MIX) - Big Giant Head are a Melksham-based act who create Pendulum-esque rock-flavoured drum and bass. They have an album out and they are currently working on new music, some of which can be found on recent 'Melksham:Music' shows.
HOME TAPING IS KILLING MUSIC AND IT'S ILLEGAL - THE BIG DIRT - A track from the anonymous duo, brimming with peculiar sounds and heavy electro percussion. Taken from their debut album 'Dirt Everywhere'
SACKFUL OF SOVEREIGNS - TELL US A TALE - 'Tell Us A Tale' is a rather jolly folk ditty about the legend of Fred Kempster, a Melksham man from many decades ago who at the time was the world's tallest man.
ALEX SEARS - THE KIDS (MELKSHAM SONG) - An acoustic track from Alex Sears, who is also the singer in South West rock outfit Decade. And yes, this song DOES sum up a lot about Melksham.

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