Friday, 25 November 2011

Edwyn Collins - Down The Line

Indie legend Edwyn Collins is working on a new solo album,  and here is a new track from the recording sessions. The new track 'Down the Line' is available to stream below...
 EDWYN COLLINS - Down The Line by Analogue Enhanced Digital 

Edwyn Collins working on new solo album
The former Orange Juice singer is currently in the studio putting the finishing touches to a new LP, say his label AED Records.

In a blog post in their official site, AED Records wrote:
"Here is Our Glorious Leader. Needs no hyperbole, just listen. A preview of Edwyn's work-in-progress new record coming next year. But first, this track will be available on an iTunes exclusive album in December, together with a selection of ten singles from his solo career. There will be something physical for vinyl lovers too.... He's [Collins] going like the clappers at a new record, about two thirds recorded at the tome of writing. We have a working title....."

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