Wednesday, 16 November 2011

GIG REVIEW: Beady Eye - Swindon Oasis Centre, November 15th 2011

So in an ironic turn of events Beady Eye arrive at the Swindon leisure centre that gave Liam Gallagher's legendary former band their name. But tonight isn't about Oasis. It's clear that this audience are all here for a Beady Eye gig to hear Beady Eye songs, and after Noel's recent success with his solo project it doesn't seem that strange him not being on stage stage alongside Liam, Andy, Gem and Chris anymore. In fact Beady Eye seem to have a real chemistry in this incarnation, and at times they sound truly refreshed by the new lease of life a fresh start has given them.

Vocally Liam is on top form tonight, belting out every number at the top of his lungs like a man determined to make each and every word ring in your head. 'Four Letter Word' and 'Three Ring Circus' were delivered fiercely and with an utterly no-nonsense enthusiasm, while the brilliantly daft 'Bring the Light' sent a good portion of the crowd mad. 'The Roller' prompted the biggest singalong of the night, but it's still not the strongest of songs in the Beady Eye cannon.
Of the slower numbers 'Kill For A Dream' is a wonderful yearning moment of magic that sounds great live, and 'The Morning Sun' spins into a fantastic burst of swirling psychedelica towards the end that makes for a great climax to the song. Of the tracks on the debut album 'Different Gear, Still Speeding' only 'Wind Up Dream' is overlooked in tonight's setlist, but its place filled by some fine B sides that often eclipse the quality of the album. 'In The Bubble With A Bullet' is one hell of a catchy tune, while 'World Outside My Room' is a playful acoustically driven bounce that brings to mind 'The White Album' or 'Doeldrum' by The La's.  As the set ends with a attitude-stuffed 'Sons Of The Stage' Liam takes to the front row of the crowd shaking hands and signing CDs... an absolute dream to be that close to one of the all time rock n roll greats.

After the show ends Liam exits straight away and jumps into a car which takes off, leaving behind some slightly miffed fans who didn't get as close to him as I did. However a sizable crowd of fans are gathered outside the back entrance waiting to meet Andy Bell and Gem, and when they emerge they kindly spend time chatting and posing for pictures with a grateful set of fans who have clearly all enjoyed tonight's feast of rock n roll.

More photos from the gig are HERE. 
Watch videos from the gig in the playlist below (videos play automatically)

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