Monday, 26 September 2011

Martin Rossiter - New solo album

Martin Rossiter is the former singer with 1990's indie legends Gene. The group disbanded in 2004 after a string of brilliant albums and Martin began life post-Gene.
He became the Centre Manager for ATM Studios and was also a member of the band Call Me Jolene, but now over six years without releasing any new music Martin Rossiter is preparing his debut solo album for release. His recent solo gigs have attracted a lot of praise, and his new material sounds excellent. 
Tracks that could potentially appear on the album are:

Drop Anchor
I Must Be Jesus
Darling Sorrow
Three Points On A Compass
Where There Are Pixels
I Want To Choose When I Sleep Alone
My Heart's Designed For Pumping Blood
Long Sleeves For The Summer
Sing It Out
Red, Blond And Blue

More news on the album to come soon on this blog..... In the meantime watch a selection of Martin's new tracks performed live....

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