Tuesday, 30 August 2011

Noel Gallagher's High Flying Birds - If I Had A Gun

So the next track to be aired from the upcoming Noel Gallagher's High Flying Birds album is the brilliant 'If I Had A Gun'. The song received its first play on America's KROQ earlier today and here is a link for you to hear the track.... If this link doesn't work there is a video link below it.... Excellent stuff from Mr G, cannot wait for the album!


Monday, 29 August 2011

SONG FOR TODAY : Cherry Ghost - Only A Mother

After a few listens Cherry Ghost's second album soon became one of my favorite albums of 2010. Bizarrely it didn't sell anywhere near as many copies as their debut album (which went top 10 in 2007), despite being a much better album. An example of how some of the greatest music of all time is being ignored by radio, TV and the media. However it isn't too late for you to pick up a copy of this album, which you MUST... it's better late than never.

The Living End - 'The Ending Is Just The Beginning Repeating' - Review

I've just listened to it for the fourth time and it has now well and truly sunk in: The Living End's new album is fucking incredible. Having scored an enormous hit with their debut album back in 1998, the band have gradually moved further away from their early rockabilly-infused punk into a broader territory of more mainstream alternative rock. But on the new album this shift in style certainly doesn't blunt the impact of the songs. 'The Ending Is Just The Beginning Repeating' is the band's sixth album and sees the strength of their output expand with even more power and scope.

The record opens with 'In The Morning', a tale of breaking free from suburban misery powered by a pulsing rhythm and providing a brilliantly energetic yet thoughtful introduction to the album. But even this burst of vibrancy only sounds like a mere warm up to the incredible 'Heatwave'. A blistering and powerful highlight of the band's career, 'Heatwave' thrives with urgency and comes complete with an intense anthemic chorus. Elsewhere 'Machine Gun' combines a fat, menacing riff with a Clash-like skank, and 'Song For The Lonely' mixes a 'Baba O Riley'-esque loop with an electrifying riff similar to AC/DC's 'Thunderstruck' and incorporates it into another infectious rhythm. One of the album's lyrical themes is the battle of the underclass against the powers-that-be, and these sentiments are reiterated in the chorus of 'Song For The Lonely': "We always knew that we would win the war. We never knew what we were fighting for". During the course of this album, the sound recalls late Bad Religion, AC/DC, The Clash, Green Day, Foo Fighters and various other great bands but never once comes across as imitation or bandwagon-hopping, for this album is undoubtedly and distinctively TLE. Chris Cheney's use of the guitar chorus pedal expands the strength and scope of the songs throughout this album, while his voice is commanding and exhilerant. 'Away From The City' features another mighty staccato riff and more tight, driving rhythms, delivered with a rip-roaring fury while 'United' brings an irresistable melody and another huge chorus. 

But it isn't just the crunching riffs and thrilling guitar solos that shine here. There are moments of thoughtful reflection and wonderful subtlety that give the album another dimension, such as the stunning 'For Another Day' with its heartfelt resplendence and touching lyrics (“There’s no limit to what we can achieve, every moment here is a moment to be seized"). The album was written after the death of Chris Cheney's father, and inevitably the emotions have inspired the more tender moments on this album. 'Universe' is probably the finest of these moments: catchy, powerful and impassioned with a dazzling tune that will stay in your head for years to come. Green Day would kill for a song like this. 

The lead single and title track rounds off the album with a bang, impressing with its massive "whoa"'s and a fierce galloping rhythm that leaves you hungry for more. As the album concludes, it becomes clear that The Living End have made their best album in over a decade. There's massive choruses, face-melting guitar solos, powerful riffs, airtight rhythms, and some of the best rock anthems you will hear this century. The band's sound has developed and matured, yet their passion and impact has not dimmed one bit and neither has their rousing spirit. 

Buy this album. 9/10

Sunday, 28 August 2011

SONG FOR TODAY : Badly Drawn Boy - Once Around The Block

I don't like paying attention to any sort of hype within the music media, but when the NME started raving about Badly Drawn Boy in the late 1990's I'm glad I listened to their words..... 'The Hour Of Bewilderbeast' still an utterly superb album, so good the man has struggled to match it with his subsequent releases. Complete with some awesome guitar sounds, here is 'Once Around The Block'.

Saturday, 27 August 2011

Paul Weller - Sonik Kicks

STREAM THE ALBUM HERE : http://www.we7.com/listen/ident/fp2426018/radio?play

Paul Weller's new album "Sonik Kicks" will be released in early 2012. Noel Gallagher appears on two tracks (one of which is called 'The Attic').

Paul Weller has announced that he will release his 11th solo studio album 'Sonik Kicks'in March next year. 

The album will be released on March 26 and contains a total of 14 tracks. It also includes guest appearances from Noel Gallagher and Blur's Graham Coxon. You can hear a track from the album, which is titled 'Around The Lake', by visiting the singer's official website Paulweller.com. The track is also available to be purchased now via iTunes. 

The album, which is the follow-up to his critically acclaimed, 2010 album 'Wake Up The Nation', will apparently include "pop art punch with soulful communication, jazzy explorations into psychedelia and dub with razor-sharp melodies, abstract soundscapes with clear-eyed forest-folk". 

Weller has also announced two new London shows to promote the album's release. He will headline the UK capital's Roundhousevenue on March 18 and 19, with support from Baxter DuryWeller will perform 'Sonik Kicks' in full at both shows. 

The tracklisting for 'Sonik Kicks' is as follows:

'The Attic'
'Kling I Klang'
'Sleep Of The Serene'
'By The Waters'
'That Dangerous Age'
'Study In Blue'
'When Your Garden's Overgrown'
'Around The Lake'
'Be Happy Children'

Tom Waits - Bad As Me

 IMAGE | Tom Waits - Bad As Me CD
The legendary Tom Waits is due to release a new album soon....
Bad as Me is the upcoming seventeenth studio album by Tom Waits, due to be released on October 25, 2011 byANTI- Records.[1] The album is known to have been recorded as early as February 2011[2] and was officially announced for release on August 23, 2011 on Waits' official web site[3] and various social media networks. On the same day, the title track, "Bad as Me," was released as the album's first single on iTunes.[4]
The album is also Waits' first album consisting completely of new material in seven years since Real Gone (2004). Waits' label, ANTI-, recently agreed on a distribution deal with Warner Music Group allowing them to release the album internationally. This marks Waits' first release through the Warner organisation since Heartattack and Vine (1980).


In October 2004, Tom Waits released his sixteenth studio album, Real Gone. The subsequent Real Gone Tour saw Waits tour North Americaand Europe extensively throughout October and November in promotion of the album. Following the tour, Waits returned to his side career of acting and in 2005, he appeared in the Tony Scott film Domino as a soothsayer. In the same year, he also appeared as himself in Roberto Benigni's romantic comedy La Tigre e la Neve, set in occupied Baghdad during the Iraq War, a war which influenced a lot of material on Real Gone.
In November 2006, Waits released a 54-song three-disc box set of rarities, unreleased tracks, and new compositions, Orphans: Brawlers, Bawlers & Bastards. The box set also continued Waits' new-found interest in politics with "Road to Peace," a song about the ongoing Israeli-Palestinian conflict. The album was a major commercial and critical success and is currently included in Metacritic's list of the "All-Time High and Low Scores"[5] at number 10, as of August 2011. In May 2008, the Glitter and Doom Tour was announced, though only initially meant to include tour dates in the southern United States. However, ANTI- subsequently announced a series of dates in the United KingdomIreland and mainland Europe.[6] The tour lasted for almost three months, commencing on June 17 in Arizona and concluding in Dublin, Ireland on August 1. Selected recordings from the tour were compiled and released on the live album, Glitter and Doom Live, released worldwide on November 23, 2009.
In early 2011, Waits released a set of 23 poems entitled Seeds on Hard Ground alongside portraits by Michael O'Brien and was inducted in to the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame by Neil Young on March 14.[7] Upon his induction, Waits stated "they say I have no hits and that I'm difficult to work with... like it's a bad thing."[8]


On August 16, 2011, amid the rise of many rumours concerning Bad as Me, Waits announced on his official web site and through various social media outlets[9][10] that he would "set the rumors straight" on August 23. On this date, the title track was released as a digital single through iTunes[4], a video with previews of the album was released on YouTube,[11][12] and was followed by a press release on his site and ANTI-'s blog, which read:

Bad As Me is Tom Waits’ first studio album of all new music in seven years. This pivotal work refines the music that has come before and signals a new direction. Waits, in possibly the finest voice of his career, worked with a veteran team of gifted musicians and longtime co-writer/producer Kathleen Brennan. From the opening horn-fueled chug of “Chicago,” to the closing barroom chorale of “New Year’s Eve,” Bad As Me displays the full career range of Waits’ songwriting, from beautiful ballads like “Last Leaf,” to the avant cinematic soundscape of “Hell Broke Luce,” a battlefront dispatch. On tracks like “Talking at the Same Time,” Waits shows off a supple falsetto, while on blues burners like “Raised Right Men” and the gospel tinged “Satisfied” he spits, stutters and howls. Like a good boxer, these songs are lean and mean, with strong hooks and tight running times. A pervasive sense of players delighting in each other’s musical company brings a feeling of loose joy even to the album’s saddest songs.[3]
The album is due to be released worldwide on October 25, 2011[1] in three formats: a digipak CD version with a 32-page booklet and free digital download in FLACAAC or MP3; a deluxe edition two-CD version with 40-page booklet and free digital download; and a 180 gram LP and CD with a lyric sheet and free digital download.[13] A sole digital download of the album is also available for pre-order on iTunes.[14]

Track listing

All songs written and composed by Tom Waits and Kathleen Brennan
2."Raised Right Men"   
3."Talking at the Same Time"   
4."Get Lost"   
5."Face to the Highway"   
6."Pay Me"   
7."Back in the Crowd"   
8."Bad as Me"   
9."Kiss Me"   
11."Last Leaf"   
12."Hell Broke Luce"   
13."New Year's Eve"   
Deluxe edition[13] and pre-order[14] bonus tracks
14."She Stole the Blush"   
15."Tell Me"   
16."After You Die"   


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