Friday, 22 July 2011

SONG FOR TODAY: Curtis Mayfield - Move On Up (full length)

ImageIn the late 1990's i was utterly obsessed with Primal Scream. Reading interviews with Bobby Gillespie taught me about a diverse array of bands who influenced the Scream, and Curtis Mayfield was one of those artists. Around the same time I had learned that Curtis Mayfield had recently died, and in a bit of great timing I soon found a CD of his in a £2.99 bargain bin in Kwik Save. The CD was an excellent compilation entitled 'Give It Up - The Best Of The Curtom Years 1970-1977' and I fell in love with the songs from the first time I played them. I soon discovered other Curtis Mayfield tracks that I also loved, but this is probably still the most well known of them. And it wouldn't sound complete without the incredible intro.....

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