Sunday, 17 July 2011

SITE NEWS: Recent lack of posts, new flat and goodbye to my old house after 27 years.....

Regular visitors to this blog will have noticed a lack of updates over the last few weeks or so. There haven't been any reviews (with the exception of my Glastonbury round up) and every day's 'Song For Today' has just been a simple video post with no writing to accompany it. I've been posting bits of music news (usually sourced from the NME) to try and make up for the lack of proper reading material.

The lack of blog activity has not been down to laziness I assure you. But because for the first time in my life I have moved home and after 27 years I have finally moved out of the house I have lived with my family for all my life. The apartment I have moved in to has belonged to my girlfriend for the last few months and I moved my vinyl collection in about a month or so ago. Over recent months I have staying here for nearly half the week, so I since I hadn't moved my CDs into the flat yet I used this as an opportunity to explore my vinyl collection further, a lot of these albums being ones I have bought and not got round to listening to more than a few times yet. So that was why last month's series of 'Song For Today' was an (almost) A to Z rundown of tracks I own on vinyl.

At the beginning of July I officially moved in to the flat, and last week moved the majority of my CD collection in as well. But at the moment we have a computer but no internet access until we can find a decent internet provider. Until we do this I will be writing articles at the flat and transferring them to the computer at my family's house so I can post them to the internet. Moving out of the old house has taken some getting used to and has been very time consuming, especially when I've had to to do it in between my work hours, which are often long and at awkward times. Basically I haven't had much time to dedicate to the blog, but I have a lot of features and other exciting things planned for when I can post more regularly and in more detail, which will be within the next few weeks.

In the meantime I have finally moved out of my old house. The house where I first listened to Bowie as a young kid, grew up during Britpop, witnessed the great Blur vs Oasis chart battle, spent countless nights in my little bedroom after school listening to the Evening Session and the John Peel show, recorded some unsuccessful electronica albums, got into punk rock into a big way, recorded and produced EPs and albums with my old bands, made many compilation tapes and CDs, witnessed lots of Glastonburys on the TV and of course discovered and played thousands of brilliant albums. I've lived in that house for 27 years and it will always be linked with all my past musical memories, but having my own flat with my girlfriend marks a the start of a refreshing new era not just for me but for the blog.

So I hope all my loyal readers have remained patient and keep checking back to this blog because I will be posting as often as I can. So a few things of note that I've been enjoying lately.....

- The Horrors 'Skying' album - fantastic and well worth a listen. I'm sure repeated listens will make me enjoy this album even more......
- Foo Fighters at T In The Park - did anyone else see this on BBC Three last weekend? Utterly immense and THE festival moment of the year so far.
- Radiohead's 'King Of Limbs Live From The Basement' - This is something the BBC still haven't shown yet, despite saying they would at the start of this month. However it is now on the internet for all to see, and the live renditions of the new tracks sound awesome.
- Vinyl albums from AC/DC, John Foxx, OMD, Roy Harper, Joy Division and Spacemen 3 amongst many more that I have been enjoying late at night through the headphones.

Things to come on the blog soon - a round up of albums from this year that I haven't reviewed yet, the full in-depth story of my old band Armies Of Anger, the story of my musical memories as a kid in the early 90's, my compilation of lost late 90's/early 2000's indie classics, an A to Z of punk rock, a feature on the Debut magazine and LPs from the 80's, and a look through some old issues of the Melody Maker from the eary 2000s, including the last ever issue......

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