Monday, 6 June 2011

SONG FOR TODAY: Whistler - If I Give You A Smile

Soft, pretty and extremely charming, 'If I Gave You A Smile' became one of my favourite tracks of 1998 and it only took a few plays to make me feel that way. At the time it was impossible to get hold of a copy of the single, but much to my delight the Melody Maker gave it away on one of their free compilation CDs... I want the Melody Maker back since the NME is shit now! A few months ago I saw a Whistler album for sale in a Devizes charity shop, but having limited money with me meant I couldn't buy it. I can vaguely remember hearing another Whistler track and not liking it very much, hence why I can live without their albums for the time being. Anyway here's Whistler with the truly beautiful 'If I Give You A Smile'....

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