Wednesday, 1 June 2011

SONG FOR TODAY: Phonotype - Another Lovesong

Apologies for the lateness of this post...... I missed midnight by 3 minutes! This is in fact the 'Song For Today' for May 31st 2011...........

This track I am featuring today has a different story to all the other songs I have featured in this series of 'Song For Today'.... Working alphabetically from 'A', today's task of finding a band or artist beginning with 'P' wouldn't have been difficult if this particular series of 'Song For Today' wasn't made up of late 90's/early 00's lost indie classics that I bought in my youth. However despite having many 'P's in my collection, none of them quite matched the requirement of being a lost indie classic. So off I went to a well known Britpop/Post-Britpop music blog, where I found out about Phonotype, a band from London who existed very briefly in the early 2000's. and unbelievably this was one band from that era who I had never heard of, despite them releasing a single on Fierce Panda records. So a decade after this band released this single, here I am only just listening to them for the first time.

The single was called 'Stars', but I'm going to go for the superior B-Side, 'Another Lovesong'. If anyone knows what happened to Phonotype, or maybe you ARE one of Phonotype, then get in touch.... This song is brilliant.

And here's more info about 'Phonotype', taken from a 2001 press release...

The astonishing PHONOTYPE who are currently, without fear of contradiction, the best unsigned band in Britain, will be releasing their debut single on Fierce Panda Records on September 24th. "Stars" which kicks off with with the killer disdain - "Stop, stop snivelling" - is as fine a debut as "The Drowners" was all that time ago and features two more tunes - "Another Love Song" and "Satellite" - that are so memorable they make a mockery of the term 'b-side'. All the tracks were recorded and mixed at Westpoint Studios and produced by Jon Jacobs and Jay Reynolds.

PHONOTYPE are a London-based five-piece featuring Ben Beer on vocals, Jon Chilton on guitar, Matt Bundy also on guitar (and backing vocals), Rob Payne on bass and backing vocals and Andy Green on drums. Lead singer Beer is superb and a true Rock God-in-waiting who's already been described as possessing the "insouciant cool that's long deserted Liam Gallagher" whilst Phonotype themselves - despite having elements of The Verve and the Bunnymen in their midst - also boast the swagger of Suede, nay the menacing appeal of Oasis at their peak. There are songs in their repertoire ('3PM' and 'If You Love Music" to name but two) you're going to remember for a long time yet but ("Everywhere there's...") 'Stars' is quite beautiful and as epic an introduction to a band as you're likely to get in this or any other year.
PHONOTYPE will be appearing live at Barfly at the Monarch on Chalk Farm Road on Monday 13th August. They should be on stage around 9pm so don't miss them.PHONOTYPE release 'Stars' coupled with 'Another Lovesong' on seven inch single (catalogue number NING111) and CD single with extra track 'Satellite' (NING111CD) on Fierce Panda Records on September 24th. The seven inch will be limited to 500 copies"No, we've had a bit of a run on those, try Woollies"

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