Tuesday, 14 June 2011

SONG FOR TODAY: Ooberman - Blossoms Falling

Those not familiar with the concept of 'Song For Today' should be aware that I do an A to Z series of great songs, one for every day, and for the last few weeks I have been running you through an A to Z of lost late 90's/early 00's indie classics, mostly from forgotten bands.

I've gone from A all the way to W, but couldn't find any lost indie classics from the late 90's/early 00's that were made by any artists beginning with Q, X,Y or Z. So to make up for that I'm including some extra tracks, and the last of those is this one. This will be the final installment in this series of 'Song For Today', tomorrow the theme will change from lost 90's/00's indie classics to something else.... so the final late 90's/early 00''s lost indie classic is from Ooberman.

This band seemed to be getting a lot of airplay on the Evening Session back in the late 90's, and at first i put up a resistance. But at some point i decided I actually liked this group and bought their 'Shorley Wall' EP. Then followed the singles 'Million Suns', 'Tears From A Willow' and this one, 'Blossoms Falling'. Ooberman certainly crossed the 'twee' line with thei rmusic, but at times it does have a certain charm.....

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