Sunday, 19 June 2011

SONG FOR TODAY: Frenzy - Clockwork Toy

My copy of Frenzy's awesome 'Clockwork Toy' album is very special indeed, because I bought it directly from the band's singer and bass legend Steve Whitehouse. The album is an incredible piece of work and features many of the classic tracks that the band still play live to this day, and brilliantly these songs sound even better over two decades on..... Check out the video to the title track and single 'Clockwork Toy', where apparently Frenzy's record label paid for them to have a free day out at Blackpool Pleasure Beach so they could film this promo..... Underneath is a rip-roaring live version from earlier this year...... Legendary UK psychobilly trio Frenzy were formed in 1983 and inspired many imitators when the scene enjoyed a revival in the 2000's. One of the most exciting live acts around, they continue to thrill whenever in the company of an audience...


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