Thursday, 9 June 2011

SONG FOR TODAY: Carrie - California Screamin'

Those not familiar with the concept of 'Song For Today' should be aware that I do an A to Z series of great songs, one for every day, and for the last few weeks I have been running you through an A to Z of lost late 90's/early 00's indie classics, mostly from forgotten bands.

I've gone from A all the way to W, but couldn't find any lost indie classics from the late 90's/early 00's that were made by any artists beginning with Q, X,Y or Z. So to make up for that I'm including some extra tracks. This one is from a group called Carrie.

Carrie featured ex-EMF bassist Zac Foley as well as a guy called Steve Ludwin (who was in a band called Levitation, the same group mentioned in yesterday's 'Song For Today', since the group also featured future members of Dark Star) and they were active in the late 1990s. 'California Screamin' was a minor hit for the group, reaching 55 in the UK Singles Chart. I first heard it on Radio One's legendary Evening Session and ended up buying Carrie's album 'Fear Of Sound' (which was mostly shit). I even saw them live as a support act for The Supernaturals at Bristol's Fleece & Firkin back in the summer of '98. The group split up in 2001 due to Zac Foley briefly returning to a reformed EMF, and the singer and guitarist formed a group called Little Hell (whose song 'Warmer Then Fire' was covered by Ash on the B-side to 'Shining Light'. Zac Foley died of a drug overdose in 2002.

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