Saturday, 11 June 2011

Noel Gallagher - 'The Death Of You And Me'

Noel Gallagher has named his new single 'The Death Of You And Me', according to a production company he has been linked with.

In A Place Productions, a company in Los Angeles, posted a response on theirFacebook page to a question about the former Oasis man's new video. They confirmed that they are shooting the clip for the track.

They also said the song was called 'The Death Of You And Me' and that "it wouldn't be out until the end of the summer." The posting has since been taken down, and Gallagher's spokesperson is yet to respond to a request for confirmation or denial on the single title.

The news comes after cameraman Nito Serna recently tweeted that he was working on a video for Gallagher. He wrote: "Music video for Noel Gallagher out at Club Ed. Epic camera, techno crane. Should be an interesting day." That tweet was also removed soon after it went up.

Club Ed is a permanent film set in Californiathat was originally built for the 1991 film Eye Of The Storm and has been featured in various movies since. Gallagher is believed to have been recording his solo album in Los Angeles recently.


So this week we finally got round to hearing the first fruits of Noel Gallagher's new musical project. 'The Death Of You And Me' has a slight country feeling to it and some New Orleans-style brass towards the end. It is surprising as well as familiar, with a sound close to that of 'The Importance Of Being Idle'. The song is also incredibly catchy, as I found myself hearing it in my head after just one listen. The album is something I am hungry for. Roll on October.....

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