Wednesday, 25 May 2011

SONG FOR TODAY: The Junket - Brace Yourself

I heard The Junket's 'Brace Yourself' on Radio 1's Evening Session in 1999, and to my surprise found a copy of the EP it was from in the record and CD department of Knees in Trowbridge. They have since closed the music section to become mainly a household appliances store, which is a shame as it stocked pretty much all the new releases of the time. I didn't listen to The Junket's EP for a long time, and I presumed it must have been one of the many CDs I sold in the early to mid 2000's. But after finding a box of old CD singles in my garage last year The Junket's EP turned up much to my pleasure. However, although 'Brace Yourself' was a great song, I don't remember liking the rest of the tracks so I haven't given them playage ever since I found the CD, but maybe if I feel inclined I may give the rest of the 'Stamina' EP a blast and see if my assessment of it differs.  One thing for sure is 'Brace Yourself' is slightly ahead of its time having been released in 1999, as about three years on, a LOT of British bands would sound like this.

Musically I suppose The Junket didn't have a very British sound, in fact it was closer to grunge and American lo-fi, but they still find a place in my series of late 90's indie in amongst all the mainly Post-Britpop stuff I have featured in this series of 'Song For Today' so far. Tomorrow there will be another late 90's/early 00's underrated indie classic.....

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