Monday, 23 May 2011

SONG FOR TODAY: Heavy Stereo - Chinese Burn

I'm sure I first heard Heavy Stereo when they covered 'The Gift' for a Jam tribute CD called 'Fire & Skill, The Songs Of The Jam'. And I am almost certain one of their tracks was on a Creation Records compilation CD that came free with the NME. Anyway last week while shopping in Salisbury I treated myself to a bunch of mid 90's CD singles from a charity shop, and one of them was 'Mouse In A Hole' by Heavy Stereo. The single itself didn't really set my ears on fire, so I thought I'd finally investigate some more music from this group. Turns out 'Chinese Burn' is a pretty good track in a Beady Eye kind of way. And for those of you who don't know Heavy Stereo's frontman Gem Archer is now s member of Beady Eye after playing with Oasis for over ten years. Anyway here's 'Chinese Burn'....

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