Monday, 16 May 2011

SONG FOR TODAY: Astral - Come And Go

It's time to introduce a band who I know very little about, because very little information about them exists. In the late 1990's I heard an amazing track on Radio 1's Evening Session by a group called Astral. I was overjoyed to find a copy of it in HMV and it became one of my favourite tracks of the era, and still remains so. I bought the follow up single 'Future Times', which was equally as blissful and then this band disappeared. I will write more about Astral soon, but here is the incredible 'Come And Go'....

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  1. Hi. I read your bit about Astral. I was the drummer and the band split in around 1999. I am still in touch with the singer, John Neary, who is still performing in a band called The Last National Band. We all met up around Christmas time in 2012 and went in the studio to play some of the old tunes. Happy memories. Dave.