Saturday, 21 May 2011

Shit Everywhere - Twelve Songs About Shit

The first new material from Shit Everywhere in over a decade.... 

The brilliant 'Music 2000' allowed me to create music without even owning or knowing how to play an instrument. However in the list of rap vocals, there would be a guy shouting numbers, one of which was the number 6. When I reduced the rate of these vocal samples, at a lower quality the "six" came out sounding much more like "shit". So being amused by toilet humour, me and an associate (who shall remain nameless) named ourselves Shit Everywhere and created an EP made up of songs about shit, titled (appropriately) 'Four Songs About Shit'. 12 years later and you'd think as a 26 year old man I would have grown out of humour like that, but having become re-acquainted with my old school mate, with the use of his old Playstation and copy of 'Music 2000', we managed to re-create the great music of Shit Everywhere, since the original 1999 EP has been lost for years. The result was the brilliant 'Four More Songs About Shit', which as well as being hilarious also features some great and very peculiar dance music. The four track EP turned out so well that my anonymous associate remixed a couple of the tracks before we began work on the follow up 'Another Four Songs About Shit'. The songs turned out to be so amazing that we decided to make them all available as an album.... Now feast your ears on this.

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