Tuesday, 10 May 2011

Review: Low - C'Mon

This album is without a night time album, a fact which is made even clearer by opening track 'Try To Sleep', a sparkling lullaby that eases you in to the album, and the wonderful 'Nightingale', featuring some quiet dusky electric guitar that creates a beautiful atmosphere. Then there's the slow, gentle pound of 'Majesty/Magic' which soon builds into a wall of choral harmonies and crashing drums, and then there's the album highlight, closer 'Somethings Turning Over' where the playful strumming of the verses recalls Teenage Fanclub, with the chorus echoing Neil Yong's 'Harvest Moon'.

'Witches' is a dusty, slow moving grower of a track with a simple repeated guitar hook, while 'Done' is a charming, gentle, understated hymn with quiet pedal steel guitar and a soft almost-gospel chorus. Of the female fronted tracks, 'Especially Me' drags on way too long, and 'You See Everything' is rather bland. And other flaws appear elsewhere: '$20' is fragile, but rather boring, and 'Nothing But Heart' would be nice with some editing, but its repetition works against it. Overall though, this record is a treat when it comes to a darkly lit room and some good headphones. 7/10

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