Friday, 20 May 2011

Review: Little Barrie - King Of The Waves

The press release for this album describes it as "an album for anyone who likes the idea of Link Wray meeting The Creation in Detroit with the MC5 and Motown in residence", and I think thas's a pretty fair summary, although I reckon it sounds more like Primal Scream making a surf guitar record. The raucous opener 'Surf Hell' is like Dick Dale going Psychobilly, while 'How Come' is smart but still pretty dirty 60s rock. 'Does Your Halo Rust' features some great rhythms that are complimented by Edwyn Collins' fantastic raw production, and 'Precious Pressure' is a Primal Scream-esque bit of garage-funk. The title track 'King Of The Waves' features some bluesy stoner rock while also maintaining a cool melody, and 'Now We're Nowhere' sounds very much like The Music. 'Dream To Live' is a bit like The Doors if they went psychobilly and 'Tip It Over' is rather overlong at over 5 minutes but has a swaggering groove to it and some blistering guitar sounds. 'New Diamond Love' is also a bit too long, but impresses with the brilliant guitar and pleasing drum sounds. Stripped down rock n roll funk is the order on the rumbling 'Money In Paper', which is another highlight as is the brilliant 'Twisted Little Blades', which is very fun indeed. 'We Can't Work It Out' comes across like a funk-influenced Beach Boys but with a ton of attitude, and rounds up this album nicely.

Perhaps a few tracks too long, and with just a tiny bit of filler. But in generally 'King Of The Waves' is a great no-nonsense piece of work. 8/10

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