Saturday, 14 May 2011

Google are CUNTS

Once again I am sick of these time-wasting bastards that are the staff at Google... they have a HUGE network, lots of the world's top computer experts and they still fail to operate to a decent standard. SOME of my posts from Thursday are back, but the reviews I spent AGES writing are gone still.... Been awaiting all day for them to put my posts back up (including my review of the Lee Scratch Perry album, which has been reverted back to the page it was on before i edited it to include a review. So once again, apologies to all the good people who read my blog. Any more of this nonsense from Google and I'm leaving and going to Wordpress. Oh well if Google want to destroy Blogger's reputation and make all their users leave, then they're going the right way about it. Anyway I'm sick of waiting and I don't see why these cunts should stop me from finishing the A-Z run of 'Song For Today', which has had to be put on hold for the last 48 hours....


  1. 37 reasons why google are fucking yjhieves stealing the work of the world's artists and authors to cache it alongside their misleading advertising. Goodbye google.

  2. You can only trust google to be utter greedy bastards. If we all stop them indexing our websites and making money off our work they will be history. Ban this greedy company of shithead children average age 29. They hate adults, they hate women and they hate content creators. Over 150 reasons why we must all kill google search and adwords.