Saturday, 21 May 2011

Dance music....

So tonight there is an unusual surprise in store for readers of this blog. My site is probably best known for it's focus on indie and rock, but the blog is actually a portrait of my musical life, and any music that has ever played a part in my life. And while also being a Britpop kid at the same time, I was also a club DJ back in the 1990's, and after a week of working on some dance music for the first time in many years (reasons for that coming up in the next post) AND after hearing the first fruits of Melksham Community Radio's new Dance Anthems show, I guess it's brought back many memories from my youth that although musically are mostly far bunter than what I've become accustomed to now, have got me looking back at a part of the past that gives an indication of what my musical taste COULD have ended up like.

So there's a feature on the rather ridiculous 90's dance project I've been working on most of the week..... Plus info on the new MCR Dance Anthems show, and a feature on my days as a very young club DJ along with the compilation I made to go with it. Read the following posts and enjoy.

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