Thursday, 7 April 2011

THE STONE ROSES to reunite? Is this REALLY going to happen?

The Stone Roses 'set to reform' So some surprising news this morning..... It seems that Ian Brown and John Squire may have settled their differences after years of bitterness, acrimony and slagging each other off in their solo work (Brown is especially guilty of this)

And after years of rumours and with Mani recently re-stating his enthusiasm for a reunion, it seems that there's no better time for the Roses to return.....

The Sun reports that singer Ian Brown and guitarist John Squire have "buried the hatchet", paving the way for a comeback later in the year.

The newspaper claims that the pair made up at the funeral of bassist Mani's mother recently.

A source is quoted as saying: "It was an emotional reunion. There were no harsh words. It was a heartwarming breaking of bread. They had a lot to catch up on and have been in regular contact since."

A "megabucks reunion" is supposedly on the cards now, if the trio can convince drummer Reni to get on board.

Although rumours of the Manchester baggy legends reuniting have cropped up many times over the years, Brownand Squire have always quashed them. Mani, meanwhile, has spoken positively about wanting to reunite.

The Stone Roses split in 1996 after releasing two albums. Brown has pursued a solo career since, while Squire moved into painting after forming The Seahorses and releasing solo material. Mani currently plays in Primal Scream.

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